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Date   Subject
20-Oct-2004   Star Trek New Voyages, William Shatner, Beatles, The Grudge, Steve McQueen & More!
27-Oct-2004   Smallville, Charmed, Cronkite on Iraq, Joss on X-Men, Howard Stern, Ving as Kojak & More!
5-Nov-2004   Serenity, Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, John Lennon, Lost, Enterprise & More!
13-Nov-2004   Andromeda, Space Patrol, Smallville, Riddick, Drawn Together, Is Reality TV Dead?
20-Nov-2004   Enterprise, Evil Dead, Stargate Renewed, Flash Gordon, Golden Girls & More!
23-Nov-2004   X-Files 2, Pink Floyd, Serenity, SpongeBob, McCartney, Battle Angel & More!
3-Dec-2004   Sub-Mariner, Finding Neverland, Stevie Wonder, Boston Legal, Spell for Chameleon & More!
12-Dec-2004   National Treasure, Galactica, Stones, Smallville, Godzilla, Babylon 5, U.N.C.L.E. & More!
18-Dec-2004   Ursula K. Le Guin Earthsea Battle, Charmed, Pt. Pleasant, WGA TV Nominations & More!
22-Dec-2004   Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Smallville, Point Pleasant, 24, Marilyn Munster & More!
2-Jan-2005   Midseason 2005, Medium, David Duchovny, Spamalot, Erica Durance, Adam Baldwin & More!
7-Jan-2005   Mickey Rooney's Ass, Desperate Housewives, Serenity, Phil Spector, King's Bullet, Incredibles & More!
15-Jan-2005   Battlestar Galactica Lives! 24, MI-5, Real Point Pleasant, Top Movies of 2004 & More!
22-Jan-2005   Point Pleasant, Alyson Hannigan, Charmed, Keanu & Sandra, Stan Lee & More!
29-Jan-2005   Oscar and Michael Moore, SpongeBob, Charmed, Unholy, Pooh, Ray Peterson & More!
6-Feb-2005   What Are Ratings Sweeps? JAG, Enterprise, Casino Royale, Brian Wilson & More!
17-Feb-2005   Dragons, Numb3rs, Loonatics, Constantine, Blockbuster, Bob Newhart, Straczynski on Trek & More!
26-Feb-2005   Joss Meets Wonder Woman, Trek Protests, Terry O'Quinn, Charmed, Battlestar & Simone Simon
5-Mar-2005   Why Enterprise Died, Night Stalker, Desperate Housewives, Cher, The 4400, Tribeca & More!
12-Mar-2005   Jackson Broke and Crazy? Serenity, Boston Legal, Crossing Jordan, Blind Justice, Jim Morrison & More!
18-Mar-2005   Revelations, Woody Allen, West Wing, Spamalot, Point Pleasant, Nick Brendon, Fantastic Four & More!
26-Mar-2005   Hugo Nominations, Sin City, Enterprise, Tru Calling, King Kong, Invasion Iowa & More!
1-Apr-2005   X-Files 2, Courtney Throat, Lone Gunmen, Wildfire, Seth Green, Lauren Bacall & More!
7-Apr-2005   Enterprise, New Voyages, Grey's Anatomy, Gay TV, 3D Movies, Phyllis Diller & More!
17-Apr-2005   SPACEYS, Hitchhiker's Guide, Jenna, James Dean, Morgan & Wong, Fran, Nostalgia TV & More!
23-Apr-2005   Serenity, Trinity, Superman, Batman, Charmed, Dragnet 1967 and Sir John Mills
28-Apr-2005   Serenity, Enterprise, Desperate Housewives, Captain America, Threshold, Timothy Leary & More!
13-May-2005   Star Trek Enterprise & Andromeda Finales!
23-May-2005   2005 Summer and Fall Network TV Shows!
13-Jun-2005   Nip/Tuck, Mr. Bill, Tobey Maguire, VHS Dies, Snowcap and More!
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