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Cars Cause Cancer!
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Press Release

June 9, 2003 - Assessing a community's cancer risk could be as simple as counting the number of trucks and cars that pass through the neighborhood.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have identified a significant association between vehicle traffic and curbside concentrations of carcinogens benzene, 1,3-butadiene and particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

The findings may be especially relevant for urban communities where people live in close proximity to high volume roadways.
The study is published in the June 2003 issue of the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association.

"Mobile source emissions present a unique public health threat," said Timothy Buckley, PhD, senior author of the study and professor with the School's department of Environmental Health Sciences.

"This study provides a unique, real world assessment of the relationship between traffic volume, vehicle class, the weather and curbside concentration of carcinogens. Our findings give us a basis for assessing the public health gains from alternate fuels, control technologies or, best of all, the removal of traffic emissions from our neighborhoods through non-fossil fuel mass transit."

Dr. Buckley and doctoral student Amir Sapkota measured levels of the carcinogens benzene, 1,3-butadiene and PAHs at a tollbooth at Baltimore's Harbor Tunnel over a one week period. Meteorological information and traffic data were also collected and analyzed. Results showed that pollution levels varied 6 to 20 fold depending on both traffic volume and the type of vehicle. The lowest levels were recorded in the middle of the night and the highest levels occurred with the morning rush hour.

Larger vehicles with more than two axles, such as buses, motor homes, and tractor trailers, were found to emit 60 times more PAHs, 32 times more 1,3-butadiene and nine times more benzene compared to smaller vehicles with just two axles. The researchers suggest that the increased emissions associated with the larger vehicles are due in part to the diesel engines that more likely power these larger vehicles.

"In Baltimore's urban communities as with many other U.S cities, many people live in close proximity to busy streets. What's more, in many communities, the curbside stoop provides a venue for socialization, recreation or relief from the summer heat, exacerbating their exposure potential. The models we created from this study may be useful for evaluating exposure, risk and control strategies in theses urban environments," said Dr. Buckley.

Supreme Court Vs. LA Smog
By Anne Gearan
Associated Press

WASHINGTON June 10, 2003 (AP) — The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide if Los Angeles can go beyond the federal Clean Air Act to impose tougher antismog rules for city buses, airport shuttles, taxis, and other vehicles.

The court agreed to hear an appeal from oil companies and diesel engine manufacturers who claim that local pollution rules conflict with national standards. The appeal argued that the national Clean Air Act takes precedence over local rules for new car emissions.

The case could settle an issue that has been most prominent in southern California, with its infamous smog, but which also applies in other polluted areas. California often is in the forefront of antipollution efforts, and other states or cities piggyback on programs or innovations that work in California.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld the local rules last year.

"The 9th Circuit's decision allows local governments to impose varying and conflicting emissions standards on the purchase of new vehicles, balkanizing emissions standards across the country, undermining the regulatory authority of the Environmental Protection Agency, and thus negating plainly stated congressional intent," the Engine Manufacturers Association argued in asking the high court to hear the case.

At issue are antipollution rules for public and private fleets of at least 15 vehicles. The rules require fleet operators to buy only low-emission or alternative-fuel vehicles when replacing or expanding their fleets. Alternatives to gasoline or diesel fuel include natural gas, propane, and electricity.

The rules were imposed in 2000 and apply to fleets of vehicles such as buses, airport shuttle vans, taxis, limousines, waste haulers, and other trucks. The rules apply to Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange counties, which together have the nation's worst air-quality problem.

Cars are the main cause of the problem, and diesel emission "is the most significant individual toxic air pollutant" in the region, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals noted in upholding the rules.

Car makers filed a friend of the court brief opposing the rules and noting that Los Angeles buyers cannot purchase some vehicles that are legal for sale elsewhere in California.

The case is Engine Manufacturers Association v. South Coast Air Quality Management District, 02-1343.
New UFO Reports - ARC Conference
June 10, 2003 (eXoNews) - Those little green men are still at it! Here are some recent stories of UFO sightings from NUFORC.

NUFORC investigated the following early June sighting in Miami by a "seemingly exceptionally credible witness."

"Too much coffee kept me tossing all night. My second floor bedroom over looks a 8x16 foot balcony with 2 floor length doors facing north. Lately I can look out these doors and see most of the Big Dipper in full. Last night at a few minutes after 4 am I awoke and I looked out and saw 2 disk shaped objects moving north parallel to each other. I knelt up in bed to see the second one pass the other. Than the first one passed the other and slow down. Both staying on the same plane. This happened 3 times when they both turned right or east.

"The speed was amazing. There was a commercial jet in the background and I noticed it. The 2 objects disappeared. There were no blinking lights on either object. They both had the color of etched glass. A light source that seemed to come from within. I would estimate the distance from me of between 2000-4000 feet away."

A second NUFORC report from Arlington, Virginia came in on the same day in June:

"2 cigar shaped lights traveled parallel with each other and then one shot up into the sky. I was driving on interstate 495 heading South towards Fairfax when I saw the UFO on the left side of the road in the sky. It was about 10:30p.m. when this occurred. 2 Objects that were a faint cigar shaped light were seen traveling parallel to each other. They seemed to be stable at first and then the object on top seemed to shoot up into the sky very rapidly, while the object below traveled in a straight line until they both disappeared."

A third report from NUFORC from Klamath, California, also in early June:

"Saw a light in the sky and then it darted toward the ground. I felt something watching me, when I looked up a light came on approximately 1/4 mile away, and then it darted straight at the ground at incredible speed, although it left no light trail and no sound."

So they are still out there, despite cancellation of The X-Files. If you want to learn more, check out the ARC conference in June.

The United States UFO Information and Research Center will hold their annual Alternate Realities Conference Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 27-29 2003 at Elizabethton and Roan Mountain, Tennessee at Roan Mountain State Park.

Conference speakers include Sherry Lee Malin, Adam Sorg, Michael McDonnough, Pat Fitzhugh, Constance Clear, Earle Benezet, Beth Rigby, and Jeffrey Morgan Foss.

The 2003 Key Note speaker is Travis Walton, author of the book entitled "Fire In The Sky: The Walton Experience". The movie "Fire In The Sky", starring D.B. Sweeney and James Garner, was based on Mr. Walton's book.

Conference admission for the main event is $50 per adult and $20 per child, 12 and under, if post marked on, or before June 15, 2003.

Admission at the door will be $65 donation per adult and $20 per child, 12 and under, limited to seating.

For more ARC info got to


Mars Bars Zap Trans Fat
By Zoe Taylor

June 6, 2003 (Courier-Mail) - Chocolate experts are rewriting the recipe for the world-famous Mars bar amid safety fears about one of its ingredients. Australian manufacturers of the No.1-selling chocolate bar are working on a new formula, aimed at retaining the texture and taste of the Mars but removing an ingredient known as trans fat which has been linked to heart problems.

The hydrogenated vegetable fat is used in thousands of processed foods, including those marketed as healthy, such as low-fat spreads and breakfast cereals. However, there is growing evidence of a link between the chemical and problems with "bad" cholesterol, associated with clogging of the arteries and heart disease.

The UK manufacturer of Mars has removed trans fat from the bars. A spokesman for Masterfoods Australia New Zealand said that the ingredient would be removed within six to 12 months.

In the US, the concern is so great that government experts have declared there is no safe level for human consumption. The US Food and Drug Administration is considering ordering manufacturers to put a health warning products containing trans fat.

A spokeswoman for Food Standards Australia New Zealand said consumers could check the amount of saturated fat - including trans fat - on nutrition labels on processed foods, which became a requirement last year. But she added: "It is complex, because even healthier foods, like olive oil, will contain saturated fat as well as unsaturated."

The National Health Medical Research Council is due to publish new dietary guidelines within a month. They are expected to advise a reduction in saturated fats, but not outline any specific restrictions on trans fat.

The decision by Mars is likely to put pressure on the manufactures of other processed foods including Cadbury, Kellogg's, Nestle and Kraft. The UK Food Standards Agency warns on its website: "Trans fats raise the type of cholesterol in the blood that increases the risk of coronary heart disease."

A spokesman for the British Mars manufacturer, Masterfoods UK, said: "Although the science on hydrogenated fats is still controversial, it is undeniable that there is a level of public concern on the issue.

"For that reason we have been working on a program to reduce our use of hydrogenated fats without sacrificing the taste our consumers want. We have already succeeded in removing hydrogenated fats from Mars and Snickers bar recipes."

The ingredient is now expected to be removed from other Mars products. A spokeswoman for Cadbury said ingredients were under constant review, but there were no specific plans to remove trans fats.
Major Species Extinction Threat Within 50 Years!
Ohio State Press Release

COLUMBUS OH June 10, 2003 – If the world’s human population continues to rise at its current rate, the planet will increase the numbers of threatened species at least 7 percent worldwide in the next 20 years and twice that many by the year 2050.

In a recent model of the impact human population growth has on biological diversity, Ohio State University anthropologist Jeffrey McKee and his colleagues warn that the United States alone will add at least 10 additional species to the "threatened" list within 50 years.

The prediction, carried in a paper published in the journal Biological Conservation, arose from an effort by McKee to separate the effects of the numbers of humans from questions about how they use – or abuse – the environment.

McKee, an associate professor of both anthropology and of evolution, ecology and organismal biology at the university, was seeking a direct correlation between population growth and the number of threatened species. To do so, he had to balance the size of each country against the number of people living within its borders in order to develop an accurate population density.

"We knew that there are a number of natural components (that can affect species vulnerability)," he said. "We wanted to put all of the countries in the study on a level playing field in terms of their particular environments and the number of species present."

Once they combined the natural factors together with the human factors and did the tabulations, McKee says the result was an 88 percent predictability of how many species would be threatened if human population continued to grow.

The remaining 12 percent, he says, is explainable using other variables, such as the number of endemic species in a specific country as well as differences in patterns of human behavior. The greater the diversity, he said, the more likely his estimate could be wrong because of the greater number of species still unknown to science.

McKee’s prediction that the United States would face 10 additional threatened species in the next half-century may seem minimal, he said, but it isn’t.

"The loss of an additional 10 species of mammals and birds doesn’t sound like a lot but it really is," he said. "Remember, it takes hundreds of thousands of years for a new species to arise. We’re saying that it may only take 50 years for 10 of them to reach the brink of extinction."

McKee emphasized that this predicted additional 10 species at risk does not include the current rate of disappearing species the world now faces.

"In our study, we only looked at species of mammals and birds," he said. "We didn’t include the countless species of insects and other life forms, many of which are relatively unknown, in this analysis."

McKee sees the loss of these mammals and birds as a kind of "canary in a coal mine" phenomenon, a warning of the impact on the environment.

"We have no way of knowing before it is lost if one particular animal is a ‘keystone’ species – one upon which countless others depend," he said.

To reach his conclusions, McKee started with data on 230 nations. He excluded island nations and those whose small size forced an unusual population density. Other nations, such as the former Soviet block, were excluded for lack of precise data. In the end, he used a list of 114 countries worldwide.

He linked the total numbers of known mammals and birds from international databases with the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) Red List of Threatened Species. To this he added the U.S. Census Bureau’s current data on human population and its projections for world population growth. Climatic data such as annual precipitation and temperatures were factored in as well.

His study pointed to the Congo as having the worst future – an estimated addition of 26 threatened species by the year 2050, an increase of 39.8 percent. At least 100 of the 114 nations covered in the study showed a possible increase in the number of threatened species. Another 10 nations should have a decrease in the number of threatened species by 2050, because of their individual declines in human population, he said.

"The density of people is a key factor in species threats," he says, "depending upon the ecological nature of a nation and the number of species ‘available’ for the threat of extinction.

"If other species follow the same pattern as the mammals and birds in our study, then we are facing a serious threat to global biodiversity associated with our growing human population."

Biological Conservation Journal -

Red List -

Newspaper May Run Ads Listing Suspected Prostitutes
By Joe Strupp

NEW YORK June 9, 2003 (Editor & Publisher) - The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., could become the latest weapon to fight prostitution and other local petty crimes, if Newark city officials have their way.

The Newark City Council is considering a plan to publish the names of all suspected prostitutes, their suspected customers, and those who commit other non-violent offenses in advertisements in the Advance Publications-owned daily.

Asking local media to publicize the names of those arrested has been done in the past in an effort to deter offenders, but this may be the first time law enforcement officials have sought to provide the publicity through an advertisement.

Star-Ledger Publisher Linda Dennery would not say if the newspaper was willing to accept such advertisements, telling E&P, "the newspaper has the right of refusal on all advertisements."
One Thousand Wonderful Stars Discovered in Centaurus A
European Southern Observatory Press Release

June 10, 2003 - An international team led by ESO astronomer Marina Rejkuba has discovered more than 1000 luminous red variable stars in the nearby elliptical galaxy Centaurus A (NGC 5128).

Brightness changes and periods of these stars were measured accurately and reveal that they are mostly cool long-period variable stars of the so-called "Mira-type". The observed variability is caused by stellar pulsation.

This is the first time a detailed census of variable stars has been accomplished for a galaxy outside the Local Group of Galaxies (of which the Milky Way galaxy in which we live is a member).

It also opens an entirely new window towards the detailed study of stellar content and evolution of giant elliptical galaxies. These massive objects are presumed to play a major role in the gravitational assembly of galaxy clusters in the Universe (especially during the early phases).

This unprecedented research project is based on near-infrared observations obtained over more than three years with the ISAAC multi-mode instrument at the 8.2-m VLT ANTU telescope at the ESO Paranal Observatory.

Among the stars that are visible in the sky to the unaided eye, roughly one out of three hundred (0.3%) displays brightness variations and is referred to by astronomers as a "variable star". The percentage is much higher among large, cool stars ("red giants") - in fact, almost all luminous stars of that type are variable.

Such stars are known as Mira-variables; the name comes from the most prominent member of this class, Omicron Ceti in the constellation Cetus (The Whale), also known as "Stella Mira" (The Wonderful Star).

Its brightness changes with a period of 332 days and it is about 1500 times brighter at maximum (visible magnitude 2 and one of the fifty brightest stars in the sky) than at minimum (magnitude 10 and only visible in small telescopes.)

Stars like Omicron Ceti are nearing the end of their life. They are very large and have sizes from a few hundred to about a thousand times that of the Sun. The brightness variation is due to pulsations during which the star's temperature and size change dramatically.

In the following evolutionary phase, Mira-variables will shed their outer layers into surrounding space and become visible as planetary nebulae with a hot and compact star (a "white dwarf") at the middle of a nebula of gas and dust.

Several thousand Mira-type stars are currently known in the Milky Way galaxy and a few hundred have been found in other nearby galaxies, including the Magellanic Clouds.

See more details and photos at

ESO Paranal Observatory -
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Press Release

June 10, 2003 - How do you weigh a dust mite? Or determine the force required to pull a molecule apart? Such tasks require a device that measures nanonewtons---forces 1 billion times smaller than the force required to hold an apple against Earth's gravity.

Nanonewton forces are estimated with atomic force microscopes and instruments that measure the properties of ultrathin coatings like those used on computer hard drives or turbine blades. But the accuracy of such estimates is unknown because they haven't been calibrated with force standards based on the kilogram, the internationally accepted unit of mass.

Luckily, there is hope on the horizon. In a paper presented June 4 at the annual conference of the Society of Experimental Mechanics in Charlotte, N.C., National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) engineers describe a prototype instrument that reliably measures forces as small as tens of nanonewtons and simultaneously ties those measurements to forces a thousand times larger based on the kilogram.

The device works by connecting a well-calibrated spring-loaded scale with a set of electrodes that generates an electrostatic force. The instrument balances the downward force produced by a one-milligram mass artifact, by keeping the distance between the electrodes constant but varying the amount of voltage between them. The result is a force determination accurate to a few parts in 10,000 that is measured with voltage, electrical capacitance and distance (the location of the electrodes as measured in wavelengths of laser light). "It is much easier to make small changes in voltages, than to make small mass standards," explains NIST mechanical engineer Jon Pratt.

The NIST researchers hope to extend the instrument's resolution to tens of piconewtons (trillionths of a newton).
Humans Vs. Hairy Apes
London June 9, 2003 (BBC) - There is a new theory to answer the question of why humans are largely hairless, unlike their furry close relatives, the apes. The generally accepted theory until now has been that hairlessness evolved to control body temperature in hot climates.

But Professor Mark Pagel, of the University of Reading, UK, and Professor Sir Walter Bodmer, of Oxford University, UK, argue that humans became hairless to evade biting flies and parasites and to increase their sexual attractiveness.

The heat control theory runs into problems when scientists look at situations where it is very hot or very cold, they argue.

Professors Pagel and Bodmer write in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters that past humans were able to respond flexibly and effectively to their environment by producing fire, shelter and clothing.

So hairlessness became possible and desirable as clothes and shelter could be cleaned or changed if infected with parasites.

The pair say their theory also has a better answer to why there are differences between hair covering in men and women.

"Hairlessness would have allowed humans to convincingly 'advertise' their reduced susceptibility to parasitic infection and this trait therefore became desirable in a mate and the greater loss of hair in women follows to stronger sexual selection from men to women.

"Facial and head hair can be explained by their continued importance in sexual attraction and selection, although pubic hair does pose a challenge for our theory.

"There is some evidence, however, that pubic hair enhances pheromonal signals involved in mate choice," they write.

The two say that their theory could be tested.

"One expects to find that humans whose evolutionary history has been in regions with higher concentrations of disease-carrying parasites such as in the tropics will have less body hair than others," they say.

Nude Nefertiti and Her Mummy
EGYPT June 8, 2003 (Agence France-Presse) - Supreme Council of Antiquities has protested to Germany over an "insulting" display at a Berlin museum in which a bust of ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti is mounted onto the statue of a nude woman.

"The SCA today sent urgent letters to Egypt's ambassador in Berlin, to Germany's ambassador in Cairo and to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation" to remove the exhibit, the council's Secretary-General Zahi Hawas told AFP late yesterday.

Hawas, who deemed the display an "insult to Egypt's history" and a "defacement of Egyptian antiquities", said the statue of the icon pharaonic beauty dated to 1372 BC, during the 18th dynasty.

The government newspaper Al-Akhbar Al-Yom yesterday carried a front-page color photograph of the Berlin display, which depicts a slender body in an upright position.

Inside, the newspaper ran a story with the headline "Queen Nefertiti Naked in a Berlin Museum!" and carried a photograph of two men mounting the bust onto the bronze statue.

Another shows one of them staring at the statue with the caption: "The German bandit looks at his crime."

The bust, discovered in the 19th century in Tell al-Amarna in southern Egypt, had been smuggled out of the country illegally, Hawas said.

But, he added: "Egypt is responsible for its antiquities abroad ... and will not sit idly by in the face of such moves."

Nefertiti was the wife of pharaoh Akhenaton, also known as Amenhotep IV. Akhenaton is remembered in history for having switched his kingdom to monotheism with the worship of the one sun god, Aton. He established his capital in Tell al-Amarna.

The bust belongs to the Egyptian Museum at Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Nefertiti's Mummy Found
By Sue Pleming

Washington June 9, 2003 (Reuters) - A British Egyptologist announced on Monday her team may have identified the mummy of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, the wife and co-ruler with pharaoh Akhenaten and stepmother to legendary boy King Tutankhamun.

Joann Fletcher, a mummification specialist from the University of York in England who led the expedition, said her team may have unearthed Nefertiti from a secret chamber in tomb KV35 in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Nefertiti, which means "the beautiful woman has come," has long been considered one of the most powerful women of ancient Egypt. Her tomb was found near that of King Tut, the teen-age king who ruled Egypt in the 14th century BC.

"After 12 years of searching for Nefertiti it was probably the most amazing experience of my life," said Fletcher in a statement released by the Washington-based Discovery Channel, which funded the expedition.

"Although we can only suggest the identity as a strong possibility, the findings certainly have some wide-ranging implications for Egyptology," she added.

Nefertiti, whose likeness was sculpted in a limestone bust now in the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, had an unusually high status during her husband's reign.

Like her husband, Nefertiti's name was erased from historical records and her likeness defaced after her death.

Fletcher was drawn to the tomb during an expedition in June 2002 after she identified a Nubian-style wig worn by royal women during Akhenaten's reign. The wig was found near three unidentified mummies, two of them women and one a young boy.

One of the mummies, now believed to be Nefertiti, had a swan-like neck comparable to the queen, despite post-mortem blows to her face.

Fletcher also found other physical links, including the impression of a tight-fitting brow-band she once wore, a double-pierced ear lobe and shaved head. Nefertiti was one of only two of Egypt's royal women believed to have worn two earrings in each ear.

In an examination of the mummy in February 2003, scientists discovered a ripped-off right arm bent up with its fingers still clutching a royal sceptre. Only pharaohs or queens were allowed to have their arms bent that way.

This evidence, including jewelry within the smashed-in chest cavity, fuelled Fletcher's original belief that the mummy was Nefertiti.

Discovery Channel is running a two-hour program on August 17 on the expedition.

Discovery Channel site -

Genre News: Spike Vs. Stripperella, J Lo, DS9, Janeane Garofalo, V, Nemo, Chad, Hilary, Angel & More!
Spike Lee Vs. Stripperella
Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK June 9, 2003 - Filmmaker Spike Lee admits he is biting a hand that feeds him but he says he is suing Viacom Inc. because its planned Spike TV, with programs like Pamela Anderson's "Stripperella" cartoons, will damage his reputation.

Lee was in court Monday to hear his lawyer Johnnie Cochran argue that the communications giant is changing the TNN network's name to Spike TV in a deliberate attempt to capitalize on Lee's name and prestige.

Cochran asked State Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub for an injunction blocking the name change. "They hope to get a boost in the ratings," the lawyer told Tolub.
"They don't have a right to misappropriate his name to do that."

Viacom, which owns the CBS network and Showtime movie channel, bought TNN in 2000. It announced in April that it would change TNN's name to Spike TV on June 16 in an attempt to attract more men to an audience that is already about two-thirds male.

Spike TV, billing itself as "the first network for men," shows reruns of "The A-Team," "Baywatch" and "Miami Vice," and sports entertainment such as pro wrestling, "American Gladiators," "Car and Driver Television" and "Trucks!"

The network also carries an animated series featuring Pamela Anderson as the voice of Stan Lee's "Stripperella," an undercover operative who is also a stripper.

"What we're concerned about is the dilution of the good will he has developed over all these years," Cochran said of the Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated filmmaker. Lee's movies include "Malcolm X," "Summer of Sam," "Jungle Fever" and "Do the Right Thing."

"I don't want to be associated with some "Stripperella" crap," Lee said after the hearing.

The movie maker said he learned about Spike TV from people who called him to say, "I didn't know you had a new network. What's the programming going to be?"

Lee, whose given name is Shelton Jackson Lee, said he had no other complaint with Viacom. He said he has made two films for the company and is to start shooting another movie for Viacom's Showtime on Wednesday. Viacom's lawyer, Victor Kovner, asked Tolub to let the name change proceed, saying Lee's lawyers had offered no evidence the public would assume a connection between the network and the filmmaker.

Kovner said "Spike," standing alone, is not Lee's professional name. "It is, at most, part of his name," he said, "and it is many other things in the English language."

Kovner cited the word's many uses as a noun and a verb and said it is a common name or nickname of many people in show business — director Spike Jonze, and the musicians Spike Jones and Spike Milligan. And the "Our Gang" comedy movies of the 1930s and '40s had a Spike Lee, Kovner said.

"The name is suggestive and evocative of the kind of programming this network will be offering," he added.

Tolub said he would have a decision before June 16.

Viacom also owns VH1, UPN and book publisher Simon & Schuster.

TNN (AKA "Spike"):

J Lo Marries Monster
By Josh Spector and Zorianna Kit

Hollywood June 9, 2003 (Hollywood Reporter) - Jennifer Lopez, in the midst of her own real-life engagement to Ben Affleck, is nearing a deal to slip on another engagement ring for a starring role in the New Line Cinema comedy "Monster-in-Law."

Lopez is in early negotiations to star in the project, which centers on a girl who's set to marry the perfect guy until she meets his mother, the world's worst mother-in-law. New Line outbid several studios for the rights to the Anya Kochoff-penned script in February.

The project is being produced by Benderspink and overseen at the studio by New Line production execs Richard Brener and Magnus Kim. Lopez has two projects hitting theaters in the coming months, including the Revolution Studios drama "Gigli" and the Miramax Films romantic comedy "Jersey Girl."

She also appears in the upcoming Miramax drama "An Unfinished Life" opposite Robert Redford, the Miramax romantic comedy "Shall We Dance?" opposite Richard Gere and the Columbia Pictures thriller "Tick Tock." Lopez is repped by Endeavor, Handprint Entertainment and attorney Barry Hirsch.

Trevor Goddard of JAG Found Dead

LOS ANGELES June 9, 2003 (Reuters) - Australian actor Trevor Goddard, who played Lt. Cmdr. Mic Brumby on the long-running CBS series "JAG," was found dead at his North Hollywood home of a suspected drug overdose, authorities said on Monday.

Goddard's girlfriend discovered his body lying on a bed at about noon on Sunday, Los Angeles County coroner's office spokesman Craig Harvey said. A preliminary investigation indicated his death was a possible suicide by an overdose of as-yet unknown "illicit, illegal" drugs, Harvey said.

Notes were discovered at Goddard's home, but investigators did not characterize them as suicide notes, he said. "There was nothing in the notes indicating that he meant to take his life," Harvey said. The notes were addressed to a friend.

Investigators think Goddard died sometime after 9 p.m. on Saturday after having a telephone conversation with a friend from his home, Harvey said. An autopsy is set for Tuesday.

A former professional boxer, Goddard was "discovered" while competing at a light-heavyweight bout and asked to appear in a series of beer commercials, according to his Web site.

He built a career on portraying villains in many of Hollywood's top action movies, including tough-guy Kano in New Line Cinema's "Mortal Kombat."

He was best known to U.S. audiences from his recurring small screen role as Mic Brumby on the military drama "Jag" from 1998 to 2001. Goddard had just completed work on "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

Complete Deep Space Nine Trading Cards Due
From Email Announcement

June 9, 2003 - On July 2, 2003, Rittenhouse Archives and will release a complete seven-season set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine trading cards.

The set of 189 cards cover all 176 of the original DS9 episodes and each box of cards contains two randomly inserted autographed cards signed by cast members. Signers include Avery Brooks, Colm Meaney, Michael Dorn, Nana Visitor, Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Alexander Siddig, Nicole deBoer, Terry Farrell and regular DS9 guest stars Jeffrey Combs, J. G. Hertzler, William Sadler and Wallace Shawn.

A collector's binder will also be issued with "an exclusive P3 promo card of the U.S.S. Defiant, an exclusive Odo costume card, and 25 plastic pocket pages to hold your trading card collection."

Find out more about The Complete Star Trek: Deep Space Nine trading cards at

The product news announcement from is here:

Garofalo Series Canned, Conspiracy Theories Abound

LOS ANGELES June 8, 2003 ( - Less than a week after ABC pulled the plug on Janeane Garofalo's proposed midseason comedy, "Slice o' Life," speculation is already building that the comedian fell victim to her liberal political views.

In a column in the Chicago Sun-Times, Bill Zwecker cites an unnamed source close to Garofalo who remains convinced that the show's failure was an example ''of a network bowing to the perceived power of the Bush administration. Janeane is convinced her politics and all the hate mail the right-wing lobby stirred up during the war is what is behind all this.''

Certainly, no network would ever cop to anything so nefarious and the Disney-owned ABC blames the show's failure on the usual generalities like creative disagreements and script problems.

Garofalo was going to star in "Slice" playing a producer on a newsmagazine stuck handling human-interest stories.

In her own life, though, Garofalo hasn't been nearly so touchy-feely, coming out as one of the most outspoken critics of the war with Iraq.

This show of political advocacy has earned the actress an unceasing string of taunting from the consistently right-leaning "Page Six" page of the New York Post, and threats and catcalls from other voices on the right. Answering the title of Zwecker's column, "Did liberal-bashers cost Garofalo her sitcom?" a poster on the message board responds simply, "I certainly hope so. If it didn't, we weren't trying hard enough."

British Censors OK The Trip - 40 Years Later

LONDON June 9, 2003 (Reuters) - Britain's film censors Monday finally gave the go-ahead after three decades to "The Trip," a 1960s cult film about drugs written by Jack Nicholson.

Starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, the film was originally refused a ratings certificate because of its graphic depiction of drug use.

But the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) now feels that the film merits an 18-certificate because audiences would no longer be convinced by the characters as they embarked on an LSD trip.

"The board concluded that its portrayal of the hallucinogenic experience was unlikely to convince a modern viewer and took account also of the film's depiction of the downside as well as the pleasure of drug use."

The movie, made two years before Fonda and Hopper starred in the 1969 cult classic "Easy Rider," cast Fonda as a TV commercial director who moved from marijuana to experimenting with LSD.

V Returns to NBC
By Nellie Andreeva

Hollywood June 9, 2003 (Hollywood Reporter) - Twenty years after NBC's hit sci-fi miniseries "V" invaded the small screen, the network is bringing the aliens back with "V: The Second Generation," a three-hour telefilm from the original creator Kenneth Johnson.

Johnson, who penned, directed and produced the mini, is set to write, direct and executive produce the sequel, which has been given a script commitment.
The 1983 "V" (short for Visitors), which spawned a short-lived weekly series on NBC, was a sci-fi allegory of the Nazi takeover of Germany in the 1930s.

It centered on the Visitors, aliens from a distant planet who'd come to Earth with the promise to solve the world's problems through their high technology.

After gaining control of the planet through subterfuge and media manipulation, the Visitors began to methodically kill their enemies.

A small group of humans, who discovered the Visitors' true plan -- to conquer the Earth and eat its population -- form a resistance and lead the fight against the invaders.

Visitor Home Page -

Hendrix Guitar Fails to Sell at Auction

LONDON June 5, 2003 (Reuters) - A guitar owned and played by the late Jimi Hendrix has remained unsold at auction after failing to reach its reserve price, a spokesman for auctioneers Cooper Owen said on Thursday.

The 1965 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster was billed as the highlight of a "Rock Legend" sale, with the auctioneers hoping to achieve a sale price of up to 150,000 pounds.

The reserve price was not revealed.

Hendrix, considered by many as the greatest rock guitar player ever, was born in Seattle but only shot to worldwide prominence after finding success in Britain as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

He died at the age of 27 in a Mayfair flat in September 1970 after overdosing on sleeping tablets.

CBS Eyes Futuristic 'Century City'
By Cynthia Littleton

LOS ANGELES June 9, 2003 (Hollywood Reporter) - Futuristic drama is in the future of CBS.

Sources said the eye network is close to picking up Universal Network TV's legal drama "Century City," set in the year 2053, for midseason.

"Century City," from executive producers Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs and Ed Zuckerman, will be CBS' first backup series as the network declined to announce midseason pickups at its "upfront" presentation to advertisers in May.

The ensemble cast of the drama, which revolves around a law firm, includes Hector Elizondo, Nestor Carbonell and Viola Davis.

Don't Flush Nemo!

COSTA MESA CA June 6, 2003 (AP) - Kids be warned: Flushing your pet fish down the drain will not send it safely into the ocean as depicted in the new computer-animated movie "Finding Nemo."

A company that manufactures equipment used to process sewage issued a news release Thursday warning that drain pipes do lead to the ocean — eventually — but first the fluid goes through powerful machines that "shred solids into tiny particles."

"In truth, no one would ever find Nemo and the movie would be called 'Grinding Nemo,'" wrote the JWC Environmental company, which makes the trademarked "Muffin Monster" shredding pumps.

In the unlikely event Nemo survived the deadly machines, the company added, he would probably be killed by the chlorine disinfection.

Chad Michael Murray is Hilary Duff's Prince
By Zorianna Kit

Hollywood June 9, 2003 (Hollywood Reporter) - Chad Michael Murray, who starred as the Lone Ranger in the recent WB Network telefilm of the same name, will star opposite Hilary Duff in Warner Bros. Pictures/Gaylord Films' "Cinderella Story."

The project is set to go into production June 30 with Mark Rosman at the helm and studio-based Dylan Sellers producing with Clifford Werber and Gaylord's Hunt Lowry. Duff toplines the "Clueless"-meets-"Cinderella" story, a modern-day comedy set in Southern California's San Fernando Valley.

The tale revolves around a young and slightly dorky high school student who goes through a transformation, becoming one of the hottest girls in school. Murray would play her love interest.

Warners creative executive Alysia Cotter brought the project into the studio and will oversee. Duff's mother, Susan Duff, will receive a co-executive producer credit. Signing Murray to the film shows synergy at work between the Warner TV and film divisions.

In addition to his work on the WB's "Lone Ranger," Murray was a recurring on the network's "Dawson's Creek" and "The Gilmore Girls." He will next star in the WB midseason replacement series "One Tree Hill." Murray is repped by CAA, Bonnie Liedtke and Simmonds Management.

Denisof Pleasantly Surprised at 'Angel' Renewal
By Vanessa Sibbald

LOS ANGELES June 6, 2003 ( - One of the worst things about being a TV actor is waiting to hear whether or not the network is going to pick up your show for another season.

Especially anxious are cast members of an "on the bubble" show that could go either way.

Alexis Denisof, who stars as button-up Slayer Watcher turned bad-ass demon hunter on The WB's "Angel," had his own strategy to cope with waiting for the network's 11th hour decision as to whether it would bring the series back for a fifth season.

"What I did is just prepare myself for them canceling the show, and so when they picked it up it was a pleasant surprise," he tells "That way I felt like I wouldn't be disappointed."

In the end, thanks to the producers ability to sign "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" popular character Spike (played by James Marsters) to a full season of episodes as well as convince The WB they had an exciting new direction in which to take the show, "Angel" was renewed right before the network upfront presentation to advertisers in May.

Denisof says he's making use of his hiatus to spend quality time with his fiancée and sometime co-star Alyson Hannigan (Willow ).

"I'm having a wonderful time with my fiancée. It's the first time that we've both had time off," he says.

However, he may also try to fit in a movie or play before returning to the "Angel" set.

"There's a script that I'm kind of interested in and we're talking about that, some theater projects came up," he said. "But I decided that I didn't want to be too far away from home with the short time off that we have before we start next season."

Official Angel site -,7353,||139,00.html

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