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Team To Look for Genghis Khan Tomb
CHICAGO (AP) JANUARY 26, 13:49 EST — He's been dead almost 800 years, but Genghis Khan still has a lawyer trying to track him down. Highland Park attorney Maury Kravitz says he'll lead an expedition this summer to Mongolia to search for the tomb of the 13th century warlord.

The 67-year-old amateur historian has spent years researching Khan's life. He hopes to trace Khan's steps, including his birthplace and the site of what is called the Great Kuriltai — the council where 20,000 Mongolians proclaimed Genghis Khan the Khan of Khans.

One thing Kravitz's team probably won't find is the tomb. Bennet Bronson, a curator at the Field Museum who will oversee archaeology on the expedition, said steps were taken to conceal it. According to legend, 800 Mongolian troops were killed after they returned from the funeral.

Even if the team does find it, the Mongolian government won't allow the tomb to be excavated. Mongolians believe disturbing the remains of the dead might destroy their souls.

``He's the father of their country,'' said John Woods, a history professor at the University of Chicago. ``It's like digging up George Washington.''

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