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Tomb of Pharaonic Ruler of Egypt Oasis Uncovered
CAIRO, May 22 (Reuters) - The tomb of a pharaonic ruler of the Bahriya oasis has been discovered in Egypt's Western Desert, an antiquities official was quoted as saying on Monday.

Excavation work in the village of Bawiti in March uncovered the resting place of Gad Khensu Eyuf Ankh, oasis ruler at the time of 26th dynasty Pharaoh Apries (589-570 BC), antiquities chief Gaballah Ali Gaballah told the daily al-Ahram.

The elaborately decorated tomb includes statues and other objects intended to help the dead pharaoh in the afterlife, Gaballah said.

Last year officials said a mass grave of more than 100 mummified bodies had been uncovered in the same village in Bahriya oasis, 400 km (250 miles) southwest of Cairo.

Those mummies, belonging to families of high-ranking officialsin the Roman period (30 BC to 395 AD), included a woman with a child lying on top of her and a woman sporting a recent hair-do.

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