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Transcript of William Shatner Chat on MSN 11/30/01
Transcribed by FLAtRich

TDishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! Tonight we are pleased to welcome William Shatner formerly Captain James T. Kirk on "Star Trek." Tonight we'll be asking Bill your questions about "Star Trek" and "Mind Meld."

William_Shatner_Live says: Good evening! I'm in L.A. and I'm looking at the setting sun, at the end of the day and the beginning of the evening with all of you.

tsira1 in Onstage3 asks: Mr. Shatner, you mentioned in the Mind Meld video that you'd like to direct another movie. Is there anything in the works and will it be a Star Trek movie?

William_Shatner_Live says: Right now, I'm working on a film that I wrote the story to. I directed it, acted in it, and I'm in effect producing it, so it had better be good because I have no one else to blame. It's called "Groom Lake." It's a love story that is sci fi bent that

William_Shatner_Live says: should be ready by January. There's music from Ricki Medlocke who is a member of Lynryd Skynryd, so I hope you'll enjoy it.

˜˜Fer?a?do˜˜ in Onstage5 asks: William, what was the most challenging part about playing the role of Captin Kirk?

William_Shatner_Live says: Probably the most challenging aspect was the pure physical draining. The endurance that was necessary to learn 10 pages of dialog for the day you're shooting plus 10 pages for the next day, publicity, helping with the script, taking care of my family life

William_Shatner_Live says: and avoiding the sexy women on the show required a great deal of energy. And after three years I was pretty drained, so from pure physical stamina point of view, that was the most challenging.

aynonymous in Onstage3 asks: Can you tell us a little about "Mind Meld"?

William_Shatner_Live says: Dear Aynonymous, I wish you had told me who you are because your question is very appropriate and you would have liked to have seen and heard "Mind Meld." "Mind Meld" was a thought that I had when I had talked at great length with Leonard Nimoy and

William_Shatner_Live says: realized what we were talking about was of interest to us and maybe others and it occured to me to get it on film. But what was necessary was a complete meeting of minds between us both and a lowering of any defensive posture through fear of being hurt

William_Shatner_Live says: and a total honest so that anything we said could and would be held against us. Once Leonard and I had reached that agreement, something unusual transpired and the result we're all proud of. For the next few months, "Mind Meld" can only be purchased at my

William_Shatner_Live says: website. That website is due for a major transformation at the beginning of the new year. One of the unique parts of this website is your ability to get "Mind Meld" and in addititon to that there will be so much more available to anyone who visits the

flatrich in Onstage6 asks: Have you considered doing the "Mind Meld" idea as a series, say on PBS or A&E?

William_Shatner_Live says: Yes, I think we should do them one at a time and we'll try and repeat the honesty and truthfulness of the one with Leonard. I would like to talk to Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew right away and I'm actively trying to get their attention. Hopefully they

William_Shatner_Live says: will agree

William_Shatner_Live says: By the way, I would like your reaction to the possibility of getting those two people, how do you feel about it and who would you like to see me interview next?

madmax_hm in Onstage1 asks: Can you give an example when you and Leonard were quite angry at each other, over something that occurred on the set?

William_Shatner_Live says: Yes I can. Please don't tell Leonard that I've told you but he got very upset every time I took his bicycle away from him. He was very mean spirited and jealous in that way. He only had the bike to get to lunch faster than I could, so I took his bike. He

William_Shatner_Live says: was very upset. Didn't talk to me for at least 10 minutes, which is by the way a terrific relief.

texas2211 in Onstage5 asks: Patrick Stewart is a great actor. I think that would be a great cast!

ruteger in Onstage1 asks: With George Harrison's death, do you think the original Star Trek television series has had any similiar impact on pop culture as the Beatles' music, not only in the sixties but today?

William_Shatner_Live says: Well I'm a poor one to judge pop culture because the only pop that I am is father to my three children. In fact when I go on these quiz shows and they ask about who's on what show or who married who, I haven't the foggiest and I fail miserably. But

William_Shatner_Live says: the Beatles had an enormous influence at that time, but I'm not sure as to the extent that "Star Trek" effected people. Perhaps it's too close to me.

scottish_bloke4u in Onstage5 asks: Please say hello to your massive fan base in Scotland!

DishDiva says: Does it ever surprise you that you have fans around the world?

William_Shatner_Live says: It's always suprising to have any fans. And certainly more surprising to have fans out of one's own country. So that is to say I'm very happy and gratified that there are people throughout the world that know and like you.

vypershadow in Onstage4 asks: How come your smooth charm didn't work on the host of "The Weakest Link"?

William_Shatner_Live says: You failed to understand that my smooth charm did work. She was hiding her reaction under her long black suit. I of course, overcome with lust couldn't be a perfect observer, but I'm sure she was hiding her reaction. When our lips met I felt a spark, I'm

William_Shatner_Live says: not quite sure of what. But I feel it was passion.

William_Shatner_Live says: But like I say, my powers of observation were limited.

stevieway in Onstage3 asks: I seem to remeber an interview in which you stated that you developed many of your delivery techniques and inflections doing CanadianTV. Could you elaborate?

William_Shatner_Live says: No, I can't elaborate on that because I don't recognize the original statement. I know I'm imitated, but I don't have the foggiest idea of what they're doing. Obviously I have characteristic ways of delivering lines but it's not something I've studied or

William_Shatner_Live says: affected. They come from my normal rhythms.

RickBNX01 in Onstage1 asks: Bill, This is Rick B. from STEnterprise at MSN Communites...Q..Did you know ahead of time that Wil Wheaton and Roxann Dawson were going to pull that stunt on the Weakest Link?

William_Shatner_Live says: I've never met the lady. I don't know who she is and so I never saw her before she came on stage and after I humiliated, snuck off, I've never seen her again. So not only was there no pre-thought, there was never even a meeting.

WeirdJoeBNZ in Onstage1 asks: Did you enjoy doing Iron Chef USA and do you do any cooking yourself?

William_Shatner_Live says: I had the best time on "Iron Chef." I got to meet some genius cooks, and an excited audience. It was great because we didn't quite know how to do the show. So the first of the two shows we were kind of searching and when we did the next show we kind of

William_Shatner_Live says: knew how to do it. It now depends on how popular the show is as to whether USA Network will call for more shows.

MrMunchy1 in Onstage4 asks: Do you collect any "Star Trek" stuff?

William_Shatner_Live says: No, in fact what I do is, what stuff I have, I try to auction off for charitable purposes. So keep your eyes open on the website as the collectables that have come my way over the years will be gradually sold and the money will go to a children's charity

William_Shatner_Live says: or something to do with the environment.

DishDiva says: Pick up "Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime" at

CherokeeBeauty1 in Onstage6 asks: Where do you get your inspiraiton for your books and movies?

William_Shatner_Live says: Mostly from my own life and then amplified. For example, I was asked to write some lyrics for a song for Ricky Medlocke and maybe some help from Lynryd Skynryd. But the real inspiration came from a road race where I learned to push and shove so the

William_Shatner_Live says: opening line started, "Who Knew"? And gradually the thrust of the poem changed from "Who knew what you needed to drive" to "Who knew that life could be like this."

UncleBob796 : All I have to say is....PICARD vs. BIN LADEN...who would win?
MaryCase : Bin Laden would be toast.

SauteedTater in Onstage1 asks: Bill, this is Andrew from Any plans to make another Trek appearance?

William_Shatner_Live says: I believe Paramount is preparing "Star Trek 10" right now with the "Next Generation" cast. But for the original cast, there are no plans to make any more movies.

daiabnncya in Onstage3 asks: Were you allowed to create Captain Kirk or did you have to follow an exact script?

William_Shatner_Live says: I created Captain Kirk from my own being with the lack of time to prepare a character due to the fact that the script were coming in so late. So that at times we wouldn't know how the story ended because we didn't have that part of the script. We would

William_Shatner_Live says: play a scene with every possibility in the acting because you didn't know if you loved or hated that person at the end of the show. So I had to play Captain Kirk pretty close to who I am.

KahlessSr in Onstage4 asks: What were your feelings and thoughts when we lost Mr. Kelly and how did you deal with the loss?

William_Shatner_Live says: I went to see DeForest a week before he died and he was eagerly anticipating getting out and he wanted to make a movie with Leonard and myself. I knew he was terminally ill and I gave him all the encouragment I could before I left the room with tears in

William_Shatner_Live says: my eyes as I walked down the hospital hallway. That was the last time I saw him. He was a true Southern Gentleman with the kindness and gentility that one expects from a Southern Gentleman.

dnister1 in Onstage3 asks: The set of "Star Trek" often had subtle jokes. Do you recall any on the Original set?

William_Shatner_Live says: I can't at this moment recall a specific instance, but we all were filled with laughter most of the time. And sometimes the language we had to say caused us to giggle uncontrolably. And DeForest was eminently tickelable, so I would grab him under the arm

William_Shatner_Live says: to help him up and got a little tickle in there. Sounds a little adolescent doesn't it? But hey! That's making movies. :o)

ItIsLisaB in Onstage6 asks: "Star Trek" was so socially progressive at the time. What sort of feedback did you get from that?

William_Shatner_Live says: Over the years a lot of people have told me that they learned about some aspect of their life from watching "Star Trek." Others have said it helped them choose a profession. Others have taken away some of the elements of the philosophy of "Star Trek." So

William_Shatner_Live says: over the length of time, people have suggested some aspect of "Star Trek" has influenced them.

Chris92567 in Onstage6 asks: Why did they not develop Mr. Sulu further?

William_Shatner_Live says: Perhaps it's a short character.

IcyMushroom8 in Onstage4 asks: Did you originally go out for the role of James Kirk, or were you trying out for another part?

William_Shatner_Live says: Originally they came to me and asked me if I would be in the second pilot of "Star Trek." The first one was made with Jeffrey Hunter, but it didn't sell that year. So the following year they decided to make the second pilot and they asked me.
eatlotsatacos in Onstage5 asks: Were any of the bloopers from the original series ever saved, and if so, when will your devoted audience see them?

William_Shatner_Live says: The blooper films which were originally created to amuse us at our Christmas party have been out there for quite some time. I feel a great duality about them. On the one hand, they're funny and it's obvious we played the fool, or more to the point, I

William_Shatner_Live says: played the fool very often. And yet, people have made a great deal of money selling those films and they were originally issued without our permission.

sactocalguy in Onstage5 asks: Did you see "Galaxy Quest" and did Tim Allen ever contact you about the movie and its theme?

William_Shatner_Live says: No, Tim Allen didn't contact me. (laughs) But I really laughed at what he did in the movie.

William_Shatner_Live says: I thought parts of it were brilliant.

TectonicDistortion in Onstage1 asks: Hi Mr. Shatner. I'm a Software Engineer at Microsoft, and I was wondering...Do you enjoy technology much? Do you own a computer and keep up with technology?

Shayne_at_OSU : A Microsoft software engineer. We'd better be careful or he'll MONOPOLIZE Mr. Shatner's time. hee hee

William_Shatner_Live says: I love technology. Matches, to light a fire is really high tech. The wheel is REALLY one of the great inventions of all time. Other than that I am ingnoramus about technology. I once looked for the on botton on the computer and came to find out it was on

William_Shatner_Live says: the back. Then I thought anyone who would put the on switch on the back where you can't find it, don't do good for my psyche. The one time I did get the computer on, I couldn't turn the da** thing off.

kinetic_image in Onstage6 asks: In one of his books, Nimoy indicated that he was often the butt of jokes since he was so serious on the set. What is your take on this?

William_Shatner_Live says: First of all, he was a big smoker, so his butts were a joke. Everywhere you went, there was Leonard's butts, so I had to kick some a**. He was very serious, he now tells me it was because he was in character. But I gradually got him out of that.

William_Shatner_Live says: It only took me 10 years.

mickeymoaph in Onstage5 asks: Are you tired of answering the samequestions about "Star Trek" all the time?

William_Shatner_Live says: Yes.

SciFiTrekKid in Onstage5 asks: Where's the best place to send fan mail?

William_Shatner_Live says: Send fanmail to: 760 N. La Cineaga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

DishDiva says: Bill, thanks for joining us tonight on MSN Live to discuss "Star Trek" and "Mind Meld" which is available on

William_Shatner_Live says: I've got a lot of projects coming up in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. I hope you will be entertained by what I'm doing. Thank you all for joining me and I look forward to our next time.

DishDiva says: Thanks for joining us tonight on MSN Live!

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