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Vienna Wants Carriage Horses To Wear Nappies
VIENNA, May 19 (Reuters) - If the City of Vienna has its way, the capital's hallmark carriage horses will soon be wrapped in nappies as they shuttle tourists around the Imperial sights.

The council is about to pass a new law regulating the horse-drawn carriages, which includes the stipulation that all horses wear a sack to avoid them "soiling the streets."

Animal welfare groups say the measure amounts to cruelty to animals as the sack would cause severe inflammation from the added pressure and chafing on the horse's rump.

"It's hardly a suitable solution to have the animals carrying their own muck when strolling through the streets," Michael Buchner of animal welfare group Vier Pfoten (Four Paws) said.

There were also questions as to whether tourists would appreciate being in the slipstream while taking in the sights.

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