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White House Unruffled By Barbie For President Doll
WASHINGTON, April 20 (Reuters) - She's beautiful, elegantly dressed and very popular but the Barbie doll running for U.S. president is not worrying anyone at the White House.

Dressed in an ice blue suit with a "Barbie for President" button on her lapel, the svelte doll made by Mattel Inc is running for the highest office in the land from a red, white and blue box emblazoned "Barbie President 2000."

"Barbie...Um...can't think she's gonna have much of an impact on the race unless they run Malibu Barbie and then maybe California will be impacted," White House spokesman Joe Lockhart told reporters on Thursday, tongue firmly in cheek.

The White House Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that promotes women candidates, this week said it had teamed up with Mattel to market the "Barbie for President" doll, which will hit stores May 1. Overall Barbie doll sales generate more than $1.5 billion in revenues for California-based Mattel.

Presidential Barbie, who comes equipped with a slinky red evening gown and matching shoes, seems to understand it may be tough to beat the main presidential contenders: Democratic Vice President Al Gore and Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush.

In a disclaimer written in small print at the bottom of her box, the company notes: "Podium not included. Doll cannot stand alone."

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