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1921 Tulsa Race Riot Probers Report
6,000-Year-Old City Found in Syria
Aging Pot Smokers Up Heart Attack Risk
Amateur Divers Find 1000-Year Old Viking Ship
Animals Studied As Quake Predictors
Ball Lightning
Bart the Bear Dies at 23
Ben Franklin Design Flawed
Bichon Frise Dog Murdered
Biocomputers Take Their First Step
Bird Fungus May Threaten People
British Woman Files Patent Application On Herself
Canadian Lake Monster Now Has A Price On His Head
Cannabis Destroys Tumors In Brain, Claim Scientists
Chinese Want To Clone Rare Dolphin
Circus Lions Devour Brazilian Boy
Community Revisits 1919 Race Riot
Court Upholds Damages In On-the-job Spanking
Crazed Beaver Terrorizes Canadian Farm
Crowds Protest Bush Inauguration
Darling Rasputin
Diddley Sues Nike For Using His Image
Dinosaur Footprints Are Big Draw
Dinosaur Fossils Challenge Theories
Dinosaurs May Have Been Warm-Blooded
Dog Dials Emergency 999
Duck Statues Stolen From Moscow Park
Early Human Migrants Fossils Found
Eating Chocolate May Help Your Heart
Egyptians Find Tomb Of Ancient God Osiris
Elephant's Future At Stake In Ivory Trade Debate
Europe Allows Patent On Human Cloning
Feline Rescuer Abandoned By Owner In Burning Flat
First Cloned Mouse Dies
Forrest J Ackerman Wins 'Dr. Acula' Case Court
Fossils Boost Life Origins Theory
Fossils Challenge Bird Origin
Fossils of Tiny Primates Found
From Sole To Rock Bass
Garbo's Personal Letters Released
Genghis Khan Tomb
German Scientist Finds GM Genes Can Jump Species
Giant Worms in Gulf of Mexico 250 Years Old
Harrelson Hemp Case Back To Court
Hawaii State Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill
Higher Beer Taxes Would Reduce Gonorrhea?
How-To Suicide Guide Website Sparks Controversy
Huge dinosaur
Insult Dog Puppet Socked With Lawsuit
Iran To Insure Its Camels
Israeli Elephants On Art World Rampage
Lennon's Christmas Card To Beatles Manager Sells For $8,600
Life From Extraterrestrial Seeding
Liverpool Stages "Bed-In" In Memory of Lennon
Los Alamos Nuclear Secrets Missing
Memories Cheat, US Study Finds
Mosquitoes Find Pregnant Women Irresistible
Museum Unveils Bird-Like Dinosaur
Navy Sonar May Have Killed Whales
New Pyramid Discovered in Egypt
New Theory In Bones Linked To Alexander The Great
Oklahoma Aims To Strike "squaw" As Offensive Name
Patagonia Vulture Valley Yields New Top Dinosaur
Pet DNA Stored for Future Cloning
Phyllis Diller: I'm the Bionic Woman
Racial Enmity Between Whites and Native Americans
Radioactive Documents Found in National Archives
Remains of Jesse James Exhumed
Scientists Celebrate Fossil Find
Scientists Find Ancient Fossil Reef
Scientists Seek Birth Control For Cockroaches
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Dies at Age 70
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Remembered
Shedding Light on Dark Matter
Snake With Legs Fossil Found
Some Native Americans Had Neanderthal Roots
Sperm Bank For Pigeons Takes Off In Belgium
Stop Trying Too Hard To Kill Bacteria, Expert Says
Study Backs Quick End of Dinosaurs
Study Confirms Animals Use "Armpit effect"
Study Examines Sonar Effects On Whales
Study Links Finger Size To Sexuality
Study Looks At Human Ancestor Traits
Study Says U.S. Eugenics Paralleled Nazi Germany
Suicide Linked to Gene
Sun Rotates At Various Speeds
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Third Secret of Fatima: No Apocalypse Now
Tomb of Pharaonic Ruler of Egypt Oasis Uncovered
Tombs Cast Fresh Light On Egypt Pyramid Builders
Transcript of William Shatner Chat on MSN 11/30/01
Transvestite Snakes
Tribes Agree To Share Meteorite
U.S. workers exposed to radiation
US Considered A Bomb on Moon
Vienna Wants Carriage Horses To Wear Nappies
Was Greta Garbo Really Alone?
Web Site For Mysterious "Area 51" Photos Crashes
White House Unruffled By Barbie For President Doll
You Want To Be Buried on the Moon?
Zapruder family donates JFK film
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