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Harsh Realm is available as a complete DVD set in the USA. The 3-disc set includes the entire series, all nine episodes and:

  • Commentary by Chris Carter and director Dan Sackheim on the pilot
  • Inside the Harsh Realm: making-of featurette
  • Creating the logo and title sequence
  • English Dolby Surround, French Dolby Surround
  • Subtitled in English and Spanish, dubbed in English and French
  • Encoding: Region 1
  • Close Captioned

Most important, it is under $40 and you can get it online directly from the Fox Store or from Amazon.

I'm gonna eat that dog!

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Harsh Realm was last seen in the USA in March 2000 when it returned for a full run of the pilot and all eight episodes on Fox's cable station fX. Since then Harsh Realm has disappeared back into the vast wasteland of Television Past, but if it does reappear, it might be on fX.

Harsh Realm has also appeared periodically on SPACE in Canada. HR is not currently on the SPACE schedule.

A good place for news and speculation about Harsh Realm is the newsgroup at alt.tv.harsh-realm. A well-written and informative FAQ is posted at the newsgroup. You can also go back to our title page and use the Harsh Realm Web Ring links to find other HR websites.

You will find a link to each Harsh Realm episode at the bottom of all pages on this site. The full history of episodes, as first shown on fX in 2000: the pilot episode was shown on Friday March 24th.  Episode One ("Leviathan") was shown on Friday March 31st. Episode Two ("Inga Fossa") was shown on Friday April 7th. Episode Three ("Kein Ausgang") was shown on Friday April 14th. Episode Four ("Reunion") was shown on Friday April 21st. Episode Five ("Three Percenters") was shown on Friday April 28th. Episode Six ("Manus Domini") was shown on Friday May 5th. Episode Seven ("Cincinnati") was shown on Friday May 12th. Episode Eight ("Camera Obscura") was shown on Friday May 19th.

fLAtDiSk's MillenniuM Fan Page

Slightly OT: MillenniuM on DVD!
Yes, Frank. It's official and about time! There is a wonderful new MillenniuM site at Fox Home Entertainment to prove it with cool downloads and other keen stuff!
Be the first Rooster (or Owl) on your block, etc.

MillenniuM DVD site - http://www.foxhome.com/millennium

This is who we were! :o)>

Slightly OT: MillenniuM - Screensavers!
Click Here for a genuine unofficial Absolutely Free MillenniuM Flash Screensaver! At last! You can fool your friends, pose as Frank Black, or even form your own MillenniuM Group Cult! Get it here! The Time Is Near!

HARSH REALM Deep Realm Production Shots!
Here's something exclusive for the hard core HR fans out there!

DDeep Realm - an anonymous source we can only contact by pasting gaffing tape on our monitors in the shape of a big H - has "found" two pix of the HR crew working on "Kein Ausgang" (Episode Three of HR). This is the episode where the boys and Dexter get trapped in a WWII combat sim. The production shots show the crew setting up the climatic bridge scene. 

You'll find the thumbnails at the bottom of our Episode Three ("Kein Ausgang") page. Just click to be virtually transported behind the scenes! Cool, eh?

Thanks to Deep Realm! The rest of you check back here from time to time and see what other HR history turns up, OK? 

Vinnie's Page: Dexter Fan Fiction by The Inimitable Pooh_Bah!
Having searched the web to no avail, we decided that it was up to us to put up a web page for the true star of Harsh Realm, namely Vinnie (Dexter The Dog). The Inimitable Pooh_Bah has given Vinnie a reason to live! Click here, Vinnie fans!/a>

Slightly OT: Kill Ugly TV - 10/09/02 
FLAtRich rants on the subject of genre TV shows, with an honorable mention for Harsh Realm.

Harsh Realm History
In October of 1999, Chris Carter launched a new show called Harsh Realm on the Fox Network, based on a 1993 comic book called Harsh Realm.

As a long-time fan of Mr. Carter's work, the mysterious powers behind fLAtDiSk SoftWorks and VRContinuum figured it might be appropriate to operate a fan site for the show.

Not being totally psychotic, this is hardly "complete un-official" site - you can look elsewhere for that - but it definitely has its merits. Think of it, rather, as a nice place to scarf up some HR media and info. And please tell your friends: all VCs are welcome!

Harsh Realm Cancellation History
Fox Network cancelled HR after just three shows were aired. Chris Carter confirmed it on the October 26th Art Bell radio show. You can download Real Audio of the show here.

Harsh Realm returned to the air in March 2000 on Fox's FX Cable station, but (as far as we know) it is not currently being shown in the United States.

MODs In The Key of X

OT: Endgame for The X-Files 
It's all over now, baby blue! Here's a little commentary on The X-Files series finale

CC Interview - 7/20/00
No, it's not really Harsh Realm news, but he does mention it. Read it here! There is also more CC news at our MODs In The Key of X site.

Old News: Paquette and Hudnall Win Preliminary Injunction Against C.C. And Fox

(Variety) By JANET SHPRINTZ - Describing the realm of television writing credits as "the law according to Humpty Dumpty," a federal judge ordered 20th Century Fox Film Corp. and producer Chris Carter to give two comic book authors better credit on the television series "Harsh Realm."br>

Read More..

Here's a little binary Harsh Realm fan action for you! A VR Charm from the folks at VRContinuum.

You will need a recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape browser (versions 4 or better) and a Superscape Viscape plug-in to view VR Charms.

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LLt. Tom Hobbs - Scott Bairstow
Mike Pinocchio - D.B. Sweeney
Dexter the Dog - Vinnie
Sophie Green - Samantha Mathis
Florence (Mute Woman) - Rachel Hayward
Major Mel Waters - Maximillian Martini
Inga Fossa - Sarah-Jane Redmond/a>
General Omar Santiago -
Terry O'Quinn
Mysterious High Ranking Officer in Charge of HR - Lance Henriksen
Voice of Narrator on HR Intro - Gillian Anderson


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