the huns ~ L to R: Steve Dworetz (drums, vocals), Rich La Bonté (vocals, rhythm), John Sweeney (keys, vocals), Buz Warmkessel (lead guitar, vocals), Keith Ginsberg (2nd lead guitar, vocals) and Frank VanNostrand (bass, vocals)

the huns EP
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1. Long Way Around (Warmkessel)  2:06 (2964KB)

2. The World You Cannot Hide From (La Bonté)  3:36 (5076KB)

3. I've Got You On My Mind (Dworetz)  2:09 (3026KB)

4. I Gotta Move (La Bonté)  3:00 (4230KB)

Recorded in Ithaca NY in 1965-6. Produced by the huns. Released by Moxie Records as the huns EP (1977), executive produced by Dave Gibson. Re-released on the AIP-Moxie CD You Gotta Have Moxie - Volume 2 (1999), distributed by Bomp Records.

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Several huns fans have posted videos to YouTube!
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Long Way Around

The World You Cannot Hide From

I've Got You On My Mind

I Gotta Move
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