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Mulder! You've got to hear this!
afterall.zip 3273KB After All You've Seen, 2002, CD Quality Stereo .MP3 tracked by FLAtRich. AFTERALL.TXT
xfilemod.zip 82KB X-Files Theme, 1994, 4 channel .MOD tracked by FLAtRich
xfiles3m.zip 145KB X-Files Theme, 1994, 16 channel .S3M tracked by FLAtRich
xfiles1.zip 32KB X-Files, 1995, 5 channel .S3M tracked by Damon Choi
o-xfiles.zip 216KB X-Files Debyt Song, 1996, 12 channel .XM tracked by Oona of Liquid Dreams
k_xfile.zip 507KB X File, 1996, 14 channel .XM tracked by Bert/Kosmic
X_files1.zip 397KB x-files2, 1996, 8 channel .S3M tracked by front 6/blank
xfiles-3_xm.zip 267KB X-Files, 1996, 12 channel .XM tracked by HyperUnknown
x-philes.zip 497KB X-Files Theme, 1997, 18 channel .XM tracked by DEFT (a.k.a KiRiLL V. SEMENiKHiN)
x-files.zip 270KB X-Files Theme, 1997, 16 channel .S3M tracked by Daedalus
x-files.xm.zip 259KB The X-files theme, 1997, 18 channel .XM tracked by ZauraK a.k.a. Iceman
MulderItsMe.zip 395KB mulder? its me! 1997 20 channel .XM by gronda gronda / fruitcore
x-out.zip 272KB X-Out 1998 4 channel .MOD by Greg Tuby / Amiga Workshop
xfiles.EXE 225KB The X Files, 1998, 22 Channel .XM tracked by Racoon X (Self-extracting .exe - Note: extracts to c:\racoonx)
twilight.zip 658KB Twilight Time, 1998, 14 Channel .IT tracked by FLAtRich (Note: MP3 version below is the same mix but higher quality)
killswitch.zip 3019KB Killswitch (Twilight Time), 2004, CD Quality Stereo .MP3 version tracked by FLAtRich KILLSWITCH.TXT
skyisfalling.zip 2087KB Sky Is Falling, 2000, CD Quality Stereo .MP3 tracked by FLAtRich. SKY.TXT
For true Xphiles we are offering the infamous 2002 FLAtRich X-Files track, After All You've Seen, in MP3 format, exclusively right here at MODs In The Key of X - and it's absolutely free!

After All You've Seen is slightly over 3 MB, but this one is special for X-Files fans, so it's worth it, right? You know you'll love it! Download it right now! Enjoy, but TRUST NO ONE!

We also have the FLAtRich classic Sky Is Falling in MP3 format to keep yer alien juices flowing while waiting for June 25th. 

For the hardcore we also feature Twilight Time, an IT format mod file based on the Season 5 Kill Switch episode written by "the father of cyberspace", William Gibson and fellow sci-fi author Tom Maddox. This mix is also available as an MP3  (Killswitch - 3019KB) if you prefer. For Kill Switch fanatics, we've also collected the 10 second American Fox TV promo spot: kswitch.mov (QuickTime, 899KB)

Cool, huh? Who's yer friend now, right? Who do you trust, eh? (Uh. Well, maybe that's the wrong question...)

FYI: Most files in the list at the top of the page are in mod formats. Like MP3s, they all play in WinAmp. WinAmp is free at www.winamp.com.

For old related babble about X-Files, go here.

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