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The Official Gillian Anderson Site - like it says, with lots of everything GA.

The Carter Foundation - Scholarship fund set up by CC for future scientists.

Veronica Cartwright - Official website of the great character actress who played Cassandra Spender.

DuchovnyNet - A very comprehensive fan site for DD.

eXoNews - The Truth Is REALLY Out There, Baby!

Harsh Realm - VR Continuum's fan site for Harsh Realm.

Lance Henriksen - the star of Chris Carter's MillenniuM ala Wiki

InsideTheX - complete and detailed list of transcripts for every episode of X-Files and The Lone Gunmen.

Latest X-Files News - If there is any, you'll probably find it here.

NickLea.Com - Data-heavy unofficial site for Nick Lea (Alex Krycek).

Leading Lady - Deslea R. Judd's lovely tribute site for Laurie Holden (Marita Covarrublias).

MillenniuM - fLAtDiSk's own modest MillenniuM fan site :o)>

Mulder It's me - a great take on the classic line! Really great idea for a great site! Check it out!

October 13th - Unofficial CC fan page with plenty of data on everything.

RavenWolf - RavenWolf's X-Files and MillenniuM fan site.

The Official X-Files Movie Site - like it sez!

The Official X-Files DVD Site - Fox uses it to sell the DVD sets...

The Mitch Pileggi Collection - An ultimate fan site for Mitch (Walter Skinner).

The Sci Fi Channel - the new home of The X-Files! - Dr. SF's top science fiction movie and series site. In French and English, with the most amazing collection of posters you'll ever see anywhere!

The Ultimate Mark Snow Site - dedicated to the works of the great X-Files, Millennium and Harsh Realm composer.

Whispers In The Shade of Red - Self-professed shipper site with lots of great pix (also many pop-ups, but worth the visit!)

Vital Linx - A huge banner-heavy page with links to Official genre show sites.

X-Files Pagina - Adriaan Slingerland has assembled all of the main X-Files and other 1013 show links here!

Can't accept that it came and went?
Really more inclined to apocalypse?
Visit the fLAtDiSk MillenniuM Fan Site
Featuring our infamous
MillenniuM Flash Screen Savers!
You call yourself obscure? Dig this:
Go to VRContinuum's Harsh Realm site!
We have the Ultimate Site for Harsh Realm fans!
Bored with fiction? Convinced that Chris Carter is right about
Government conspiracies and all that other stuff?
eXoNews is The News Outside The News:

The Truth Is REALLY Out There, Baby!

Sad Geezer Sci-Fi Home!

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