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Open Windows Explorer and click on
View on the Explorer menu bar. Then
click on on Options..

The Options box will appear.

Click on the File Types tab in the
Options box.

Now click on the New Type..
button. The Add New File Type
box will appear.
In the space for Description of type,
enter LHA

In the space for Associated
, enter .LHA
Be sure to remember the period.

Click on the New.. button in the
Add New File Type box. The New
box will appear.

Fill in the spaces in the New Action
box as shown to the left. Be sure to
change the drive and directory
path to the location of LHA.EXE
on your own hard drive!

Click on the OK button in the New

Click OK again in the Add New
File Type
box. You're done!

You have just "registered" the .LHA file type with the Win 95 Registry. When you double-click on an .LHA file in any directory from now on, a DOS window will open automatically and LHA.EXE will extract the contents of the file into that same directory.

Note: if, for some reason, this doesn't work for you, well, we tried.. It works on our systems!

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