Absolutely Free Music at 120KB Abandon, 1996, 16 channel .S3M, Symphonic hauntings by RabiteMan 70KB Acid Box, 1994, 8 channel .S3M, LSDarkness by Maral/KLF/DiE 547KB Devil's Night, 1996, 18 Channel .XM, Satanic terror by bloody bastard 137KB Doorway to Death, 1996, 16 channel .S3M, Dastardly deadly death by Bigod-20 194KB The Black Opal (1937), 1995, 8 channel .S3M, MODNoir by Mob of Proletariat 400KB fuck you for the concern, 1995, 28 channel .IT, Cynical shadows by Coiled 440KB Epidemic, 1996, 17 channel .IT, Fluttering dead things by Vegas/Carcass 45KB Demon's Revenge, 1994?, 4 channel .MOD, Simple demonesque by unknown 152KB Battle of the Fireflies, 1994, 16 channel .S3M, Big darkness by Bean.Cia.Rave.Elusive 284KB The Darkening, 1996, 12 channel .IT, An approaching gothic end by ArcLight 163KB ChoiR Invisible, 1996, 16 channel .IT, Lizard stuff by H.P. Lovecraft 198KB #Dead Dance, 1996, 6 Channel .IT, Shake, rattle and rattle by Liopic
orgasmod.lha 198KB Orgasmod, 1991, 4 channel .S3M, Dark sex comedy classic from jester/anarchy 69KB Festable in The Pit, 1995, 8 channel .XM, Odd and short by Zaskoda of Shobek 125KB Realm of Chaos, 1994, 9 channel .S3M, Skaven classic from the Unreal demo by Future Crew
s3m_notf.lha 130KB Not For Kids, 1994, 4 channel .S3M, Some semi-EthnoMagic from Skaven/Future Crew 217KB Shadow of the Mind, 1994, 9 channel .S3M, Twisted gray cells cast by necros/pm 93KB Surrounded, 1995, 6 channel .S3M, Paranoid delusions by Loki 296KB Demonic Sensation, 1994, 4 channel .MOD, Doom stuff by Timelord 242KB Agony, 1995, 16 channel .S3M, Violent Sex Remix by Dornbush and Fisher. Verry LOUD! 175KB Whiprave, 1994, 4 channel .MOD, CyberSM techno from retro g and Dominator/Transfer PM 495KB Perversion, 1997, 14 channel .S3M, Sleeze mix by MixmasteR X of Shattered Fixtures
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