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Download classic mod files here for your holiday pleasure!
All files play in WinAmp. If you need info on .LHA file format click here. 1996 77k Dayhz Chipcompo af_Xmas.lha 1996 228K Jungle XM by Acidfrog amigaxms.lha 1994 112K MOD by Sidewinder..Xmas Jingles 1997 478k An Arcturus Christmas IT by Arcturus of Shattered Fixtures 1997 79k Auntie's Christmas Dinner S3M by Pirate Pete BethlehemzZtar.lha 1997 85K Swedish xmas song in rock style 1997 534k Black Christmas XM by Crux of DCC 1997 222k Christmas Bonanza XM by DD of Aurora
djxmas.lha 1992 57K Deathjester mod. dtb_irave.lzh 1992 203K 'irave xmas mix',pt mod by dtb/tgt 1998 94k Gabber Bells IT by FMS 1996 43k FredXmas S3M by Fred 1995 79K S3M by Mr. Alligator 1997 291k Christmas Medley IT by Ara 1997 450k Xmash Crammed Song #3 S3M by Floss 1997 101k Christmas of my Dreams IT by Linearic 1997 83k Happy New 97 Year S3M by Muscle

xmastoon.lha 1995 137K 146 Synth s3m by
Liam the lemming 1997 127k Xmas Greetings IT by Pinion

LoT_AntiXMas.lha 1997 104K MOD by Latte of Texxid - Mod.JingleBells tk_xmas.lha 1998 30K A christmas song (old module by tOKAi) tk_xmas2.lha 1998 17K 10 Another christmas song (old module by tOKAi) xmas.lha 1993 29K 275 NoiseTracker module 1996 76k Totun Paratiisi S3M by Octoque XMas1995.lha 1995 52K XMas-Song-Medley by MrOLI / DATiSTiCS xmas2.lha 1992 158K Ebbhead mod from the Boing archive xmaschip.lha 1993 4K Mr.Yo's 1993 4Ch Chip tune
XmasJoy.lha 1997 238K Christmas Joy - By Nemesis/Zenon 1992 12K MOD tracker unknown xmasrav2.lha 1996 273K "Oh du froehliche" Christmas Techno Mix XMasTheme94.lha 1994 140K XMasTheme94 By Pirat
fLAtDiSk SoftWorks provides these mod files from the fLAtDiSk Mod Archives for private use, takes no responsibility for their contents, and makes no Copyright or publishing claims of any kind on any of the works contained herein. Our full Policy Statement regarding mods is posted at MODSpeak
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