Boy, howdy! Welcome to the Juke Joint! Let's get right to it, OK? 

Here's the basics of collecting mod files:

After reading this page, your compulsion overwhelms you! You download some mods from one of the libraries at MODSpeak and play them real loud. People around you start to yell and tell you to shut up what the hell is that noise anyway! Naturally, you come back to MODSpeak and collect more mods!

Ain't this fun?

Absolutely Free Music at

There are six Absolutely Free MODSpeak collections to choose from: 

MODSpeak Classic Mods Library - featuring select classic mods from the distant past and a good introduction for newbies

fLAtDiSk Mod Archives - with 5600 even more classic mods from the past (that's right - 5600 = five thousand six hundred mods!)

Mods In The Key of X - a collection of mods based on the famous Mark Snow theme for Chris Carter's X-Files

The DarkSide - once controversial mods that will still probably offend somebody you know

and, of course, fLAtDiSk's free Absolutely Free MP3s - for those who prefer the higher sound quality of the MP3 format have the time for longer downloads.

All collections have selections of free music files that you can click on to download for free.

MODSpeak libraries feature descriptions that give you as much as we know about the music file, its format, compression type, and compressed size. Whenever possible, these descriptions credit the author, but some are obscured by time and the sloppy collection habits we had when we first discovered mods. All the MODSpeak music files are good ones. We haven't rated them, but we've listened to them all and we like 'em!

Most mod types (see our ModTerms page for details) can be played in WinAmp just like MP3s. There are mod players for every popular operating system.

To access the collections, click on a link above - or on an icon at the bottom of any page on the MODSpeak site.

That's right! 5,600 mod files! Absolutely free!

ZIP Files and Other File Compression

All of the mod files in the MODSpeak Collection are compressed archives, containing the music file and (usually) an ASCII text file about the music. Most are .ZIP files. To uncompress these files after downloading them from MODSpeak, you can download a trial version of WinZip from Nico Mak's web site or the PK Zip version from PKWare's site.

WinZip Now

Mods can turn up in other file archive types like .LHA, .LHZ, and .ARJ. To uncompress these other file types after downloading them from MODSpeak or other sites, pick up info on the appropriate tools at the MODFAQ home page. Also read our special tip on uncompressing LHA files. If you are using Windows XP, 2000, 9x, Windows 3.xx or NT, you should already have WinZip, the ultimate archiver for all compressed file types. Mac users see StuffIt below.

MODs In The Key of X!

Some mods in the MODSpeak Collection have accompanying ASCII .TXT files which you can click on to read. These text files may have odd endings like .NFO rather than .TXT. You can change the filename endings to .TXT to open them in Notepad and most text editors.

But be aware that there are many mod file types (see our ModTerms page for details) and changing the file ending of a mod file will not convert it from one mod file type to another!

Almost all archived mods in the MODSpeak Collection contain messages in the mod's header which will display with most mod players.

StuffIt Expander Home

Special Tip for Mac Users

Mac Users! Having trouble with Zip and other PC or Mac formats? Try StuffIt Expander for Macintosh. StuffIt Expander is a FREE Expansion tool that expands compressed and encoded files and "gives you access to virtually any file you download from the Internet." 

The free StuffIt Expander for Mac handles these file types:

StuffIt (.sit, .sitx, .sea) v1.5.1 to 8.0.x, including encrypted archives; Zip (.zip) including encrypted archives; LHa (.lha, .lzh); BinHex (.hqx), all versions; TAR (.tar); MIME/Base 64 (.mime); AppleSingle (.as); Private File™ (.pf), Aladdin's encryption file format; UU (.uu, .uue, .enc), PC/Unix equivalent of BinHex (.hqx); GZip (.gz, .tgz); Compact Pro (.cpt); Bzip (.bzip, .bz, .bz2, .tbz); Arc (.arc); DiskDoubler (.dd); AppleLink Package (.pkg;) Unix Compress (.z, .taz;) A to B (.btoa); Rar (.rar); Disk images (.img, .smi), ShrinkWrap™ or Disk Copy™ images.

[There are also Standard and Expanded Editions with more features for $49.95 and up. fLAtDiSk SoftWorks recommends this product, but is in no way associated with its manufacture or sale, etc., etc. Use it at yer own risk - probably minimal - and complain to StuffIt, not us, if something goes terribly wrong, OK?]

Current Version: 8.0.2 OS X / 7.0.3 OS 8.6 - 9.x

Version 8.0.2: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher 
Version 7.0.3: All PowerPC or higher, Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x

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BTW, there's a Windows version of the free StuffIt too.

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