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fLAtDiSk Mod Archives brought the 5600 mods that we collected between 1992 and 1999 online for your absolutely free downloading pleasure. Our Amiga friends at took over the hosting of the fLAtDiSk Mod Archives in June 2003. (Thank you, Ralf and Jürgen!)

Service Temporarily Unavailable?? The fLAtDiSk Mod Archives server is in Europe and seems to be experiencing chronic problems serving its web pages (over which we have no control) but you can usually still see and download our collection of over 5600 classic mod files through their FTP site at

Here are 9 files that we chose, some at random, as examples of the gems you can pull from those 5600 when the server is working.  All these files open in WinZip or other unZippers and all of the 21 mods they contain play in WinAmp: 24KB (MONKJAMS.MOD - 4 Channels) By Mr. Maestro 1992 and the first mod we ever downloaded! (Loop This: 44 seconds) 396 KB (PRPLSKY2.S3M + TURBULEN.S3M + SATELL.S3M + MINIMUM.S3M + SPRING.S3M) Various Titles By Purple Motion of Future Crew 1992-3 (Total Time 15:17) 100KB (SOUL-O-M.MOD - 4 Channels) Soul-o-matic By Purple Motion of Future Crew 1993 (Total Time 3:03) 88 KB (PN-SIPHO.S3M - 12 Channels) Siphon By pinion of UNiOn 1994 (Total Time 5:22) 373 KB (GIMP.XM - 18 Channels) Bring Out The Gimp By Mr. Skank. 1996 (Total Time: 4:31) 1403 KB (PARTY.S3M + AMAZONAS.S3M + CAPTURED.S3M + CRYSTAL.S3M + ID.S3M + MANGROVE.S3M + MERCRAIN.S3M + RAMAGARD.S3M + WAR-REM.S3M) Various Titles By Skaven of Future Crew 1993-4 (Total Time: 29:51) 1583 KB (SURFACE.IT - 19 Channels) Hot Surface By Doc. 1997 (Total Time: 2:22) 408 KB (PIN.S3M - 16 Channels) Power In Numbers By G-FORCE. 1996 (Total Time: 4:18) 472 KB (P_INSOMN.IT - 16 Channels) Insomniac By Zinc. 1997 (Total Time: 5:44)

MODs In The Key of X and some of our other libraries and the fine online mod archives featured on our MODLinks page also have lots of new music and classic mods!

Good luck with your collection and thanks for all the fish! 


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