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Classic Holiday Mods! 482KB Astraying Voyages, 1994, 25 channel .S3M, Something old by Purple Motion
bounzie.lha 263KB Bounzie Boom, 1993, 4 channel .MOD, Techno masterpiece by s.a. kiviniemi 1MB 9 .S3Ms by Skaven of Future Crew from 1993-94 ARCHIVE LISTING for CHMIND.ZIP 996KB 24 Pre-1995 Mods, Various Mod Authors ARCHIVE LISTING for CLASSIC1.ZIP 1011KB 17 Pre-1995 Mods, Various Mod Authors ARCHIVE LISTING for CLASSIC2.ZIP 1002KB 17 Pre-1995 Mods, Various Mod Authors ARCHIVE LISTING for CLASSIC3.ZIP 1MB 10 Pre-1995 Mods, Various Mod Authors ARCHIVE LISTING for CLASSIC4.ZIP 213KB Cybernet, 1993, 4 channel .MOD, Ancient cyberfun by echo/lsd 309KB Deep Houze 9, 1993, 4 channel .MOD, Early Trek house by Maelcum 181KB House-2, 1993, 4 channel .MOD, Early Brazilian house by Patryk S. Lykawka 64KB A Dubbed Forest, 1993, 4 channel .MOD, jester's take on The Cure. Cool! 897KB Evil born Evil, 1994, A suite of three excellent XMs by Jazztiz 108KB Mindless, 1994, 11 Channel .S3M, by hterava a.k.a. Wax Remover 258KB Nemesis, 1992, 4 channel .MOD, Clean techno from misty and daeron
phunqEte.lha 245KB Phunq Ethereal, 1994-5, 4 channel .MOD, True funque by interphace/andromeda 98KB Soul-O-Matic, 1993, 4 channel .MOD, Rare soul music from Purple Motion of Future Crew 52KB Need For Speed, 1994, 16 channel .S3M, Minimal x-music by Quantum Porcupine 151KB Timeless, a famous demo from Feb 1994 by Tran (a.k.a. Thomas Pytel)
Walls-1_ItDoes.lha 30KB brick, 1994, 4 channel MOD, amazing track by atroxis
Walls-2_Brick.lha 79KB it doesn't mind, 1994, 4 channel MOD, another amazing track by atroxis 58KB Zoolook, 199?, 4 channel .MOD, 4-Mat of Anarchy (Matthew Simmonds) does Jarre!
Obscure entrance to The DarkSide.

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