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Links to PC Mod Trackers
Impulse Tracker 2.xx programmed by Jeffrey Lim of Pulse/Pop. New, great, definitely the tracker for SB16 users - and GUS users too! Tracks .IT and .S3M format mods. Plays .IT, .S3M, .XM and .MOD formats.
FastTracker programmed by Mr. H and Vogue of Triton. Tracks .XM, .S3M and .MOD formats.
Scream Tracker  programmed by Psi of Future Crew. Tracks .S3M and .MOD formats.
Links to Mod Players
 MODPlug Central is... BACK!! Modplug is where you'll find Olivier Lapicque's MODPlug Player, definitely the best Win 95-98 player for .IT files - including those with sample compression - and probably every other mod file type. There is also MODPlug itself, which is a plug-in that allows you to play mods from web pages. Olivier also has MODPlug Tracker, the first real full-featured tracker for Windows 95-98, which is getting better all the time. MODPlug Tracker supports the same formats as his players and also saves to .MP3 format. You can also find links here to the newer Open Source versions of ModPlug Tracker, if you want to fool around with that kind of thing. All free, BTW.
WinAmp plays everything, of course. Better than most players for MP3s and even Windows Media Player formats. Some IT and XM files may sound best on more specific mod players. Still free, but don't be swayed by their anti-Microsoft stance: WinAmp sold out to AOL, yuh know. Trust No One!
FLAtRich picks his favorite $1 MP3s! Best bang for yer buck!
Links to Other Mod File Archives is the best for anything recent, from mods to demos. Music by classic mod artists like Skaven can still be found there, but even more important are all the newest releases from demo parties around the world. Do it now!
Aminet at - The grandfather of all mod sites. Mods here are stored as .LHA files.
The Mod Archive - A huge, but minimally-organized collection. Many files here are not the original archives and are missing artists' own text files that traditionally provide comments, identify the year, author, group, etc. Instead, The Mod Archive provides raw filenames with links to contributor reviews and flames and too often non-existent pages. The Mod Archive does report the latest happenings in the mod world (it still exists), but the site has no real sense of past history. If you are an old tracker, you'll probably feel right at home in all this DOS / FTP style chaos. If you are new to mods, it's more like being dropped naked and blindfolded into the middle of NYC at rush hour. (Hey, maybe I'll try that!)
A collection of digital music (S3M, XM, IT, MOD) by composers from around the world.
Links to Mod-Related and other Music Sites
R. Stevie Moore Lives!
R. Stevie Moore - The planet's most obscure and yet accessible rocker continues to pour forth new music like some mad Beethoven and probably has more CD releases than Mozart. Strangely enough, there is something for everyone on each R. Stevie Moore disc. Mr. Moore is an eclectic Nashville-born, Beatle-influenced player and vocalist who lives in New Jersey and does everything on tape recorders in his living room but turns out tunes that put him right up there with Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson. You can download some free MP3s here and then buy everything else to help keep Stevie from starving :o)>
The MODRing - The original webring for mod creators, collectors and fans. Surf the MODRing's links to over 150 mod-related music sites. If you make music and have a web site, join up!
A Music Site - An exhausting music link site with links from Aerobic Download Music to World Music and everything in between.
Absolutely Free Music Downloads! No scam! Check it out!
Broke Box Homepage - More mods!
Cool Edit for Windows - Syntrillium finally gave up the ghost and sold Cool Edit to Adobe, of all people! Adobe has renamed it Adobe Audition, which may show how little they know about music. (Professionals don't have to audition.) Cool Edit was an AMAZING sound editor for Windows invented by Dave Johnston millennia ago when some of you were only a gleam in yer daddy's eye and a lot of PC owners didn't even have sound cards. I used Cool Edit from the very first version (it was one of the first shareware programs I ever bought) and continued with it up through Cool Edit 2000 as a legacy customer only paying for occasional upgrades. No idea what Adobe has done with it since (they bought it in 2003 and my Cool Edit 2000 still works just fine so I don't really care either), but you could download the free tryout version at Adobe Audition and find out. Buy the full version for $349 if you're wealthy. Old Cool Edit customers can no longer upgrade at a lower price. In any case, thank you Dave! It was a long strange trip and I hope you got paid a lot of Adobe bucks!
Hyperreal Music Archive - Hyperreal is a center for online music resources. No mod links here, for some reason, but if you want to find out what the future holds for web music, this is a place to visit.
Jugi/Complex - Mod author jugi's home page is now Aisth.
Maniacs of Noise - More!
MODs In The Key of X!
Sidewinder's Homepage - Mod author Sidewinder's home page. Is this guy loaded, or what?
Leslie J. Swazzo - gives us a site that defies description. One visit isn't enough.
SYNTH ZONE - If you want some serious info about music, check this out. For places to study music composition, be sure to look at SYNTH ZONE's Music Theory & Education pages..

Untited Trackers

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Paperback books by Rich La Bonté - Free e-previews!
Links That Have Little Or Nothing To Do With Mods
Bomp Records - If you have any interest at all in the history of rock and roll, you simply must go to Bomp and take a look at their online catalog. In the 1960s there were hundreds - maybe thousands - of American garage bands who cut demos and records. The folks at Bomp have given all these obscure works a home and made them available on CD and vinyl. You'll also find early stuff by current masters like Bowie and Iggy, and newer Bomp groups in the old mod mold. (By mod, we mean the other kind of mod - see below.) Go see for yourself!
Free Peace Downloads! You Can Stop War!

RU4War? Or Against? Absolutely Free MP3! Click for Download page!

The Modernist - Dedicated to that other kind of mod. The Mod lifestyle began in the 1960s and its still going strong! There are no module files at this site, but lots of info and links to some great 1960's and underground rock and roll.
Free eBook!

Dick LaBonte prints at Amazon!

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