Kim Fowley Jr: Son of Frankenstein
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001-Face on the Factory Floor.mp3 - 7301KB - 3:04
002-Zero-Zero.mp3 - 6215KB - 2:36
003-Bad News from the Underworld.mp3 - 7787KB - 3:17
004-Devil Doll Serenade.mp3 - 6314KB - 2:39
005-Shades.mp3 - 6737KB - 2:50 
006-Fred Loves Betty.mp3 - 8473KB - 3:34
007-Destination Judy.mp3 - 6564KB - 2:45 
008-Invasion of the Polaroid People.mp3 - 11754KB - 4:58 **
009-Other Side of the Sun.mp3 - 8148KB - 3:26
010-World '99.mp3 - 7255KB - 3:03
Produced by Rich La Bonté and Kim Fowley
All selections are High Quality 320 kbps MP3 files
~ All Vocals: Kim Fowley ~ All instruments except piano: Rich La Bonté ~
~ Guest Star Laurie Bell (The Orchids) - piano and back up vocals ~
Hanging around Studio 9:
~ Ed Smith - Poet and Kim's business manager at the time ~
~ Gina Pocock - Camera with no film ~
All fictional musicians listed on the LP were invented by Mr. Fowley.
Recorded in Hollywood, NJ and NYC.
Engineered and re-mixed by Bill Smith, Studio 9, Hollywood CA.
Moxie LP pressing produced by Dave Gibson and mastered by Len Horowitz.
Words and Music Copyright © 1981 Kim Fowley and Rich La Bonté (FLAtRich)
(P) 1981 Ear Snacks Music (BMI) / Room Seven Music (BMI)
Review ~ D. Kelvin, Forgotten Songs
"In 1981, this LP, recorded with Rich La Bonte, was created and released without raising more interest from both the press and the public. Strange since this album is really great, and offers a novative approach of the usual weird rock 'n' roll experimentations of Mr Fowley... totally experimental, with Fowley's narrative apparently mad storytelling on various musical background, from space rockabilly to cosmic synth ambiances. Strangely, it works when it should make you run away..."
Review ~ Tom Schulte, All Music Guide
"Allen Ginsberg (R.I.P.) produced by John Giorno. That's what this Fowley release often makes me think. It's mostly multi-tracked spoken word from Kim with minimal musical accompaniment. If I still did drugs, I think I'd like to take drugs to this album. It is full of humor and observations. Frank Zappa pointed out the 'plastic people', Fowley marks the 'Polaroid people'. Four and a half postcards from the other side of the sun."
Notes from Rich La Bonté

Original release on vinyl by Dave Gibson's Moxie Record Company in 1981.  There was an additional vinyl release as Bad News from the Underworld by Lolita Records (France) in 1985. The CD release of Bad News from the Underworld  by Marilyn Records in 1994 was mastered from the vinyl release. ** The Invasion of the Polaroid People track was used by Add N To (X) for their "cover" version on the Add N To (X) / Loud As Nature LP (Mute 2002)

Bonus Track (Audio Only)
Audio recorded at McCadden Studios, Hollywood, circa 1985.
Vocal by Kim Fowley. VIC-20 computer programming by Rich La Bonté.
Percussion by Delmar Richardson. Engineered by David Carr.
Music by Jimmy Van Heusen and Lyrics by Johnny Burke.
Produced by Rich La Bonté.
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