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You Have 5000 Seconds 2 Turn Yourself In (Free LP 2023)
Only Available on Bandcamp.
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More LPs on Bandcamp!
Overwound (2022 LP)
Moondust & Particulates Dune Crossing
Way Out Tin Dreams & Broken Hearts
Closet Frequencies If You Didn't Like The Last One
Mayan Canals Reissued on Dark Entries Records
Mayan Canals! Reissued on Vinyl!!
1981 Classic with Bonus Cuts and
Inserts ~ from Dark Entries
the huns 1966 - reissued with bonus tracks by Jargon Records!
the huns! 1966! 50th Anniversary CD
with Bonus Tracks and
Booklet Insert ~ from Jargon
 FLAtRich Reviews
"Now this is real experimental music... love your work,
very original and epic!" - RINGWERM, Lake Elsinore, CA.

"DEFINITELY music for the LIVING! Bright thoughtful, full of pulsing and life
and butterscotch. Wonderful!" - Scrumpy the Flea, Leavenworth, WA.

"TALENT is the word to define this work !!! Highly inspired compositions !!
All best from Brazil, Olaf." - OLAF, Petrolina, PE, BR.

"Heard 'Day Old Luke Warm Coffee Still Reminds Me of You'
today. Great song !!" - Katsumi Yoshihara, Tokyo, JP.

"'Igor had a Little Lamb' has a jazzy-groovy edge and has awsome
soundtrack appeal. Well played and well done." - the7group, Biloxi, MS.

"Hell yeah! Love the madness here. Reminds me a bit of some Mr. Bungle songs.
What is it here? Electronica carnival? Who needs labels if it's
just so innovative..." - kloudworks, Düsseldorf, DE.

"Weird stuff all over the map. Sometimes Beatles on LSD, sometimes powerpop.
Really like Frack and Frell and your use of words." - In Fell Traitors, Denver, CO.

"Rockin’ great music. Superb!" - Anchorage Alaska, Motherwell, UK.

"Listening to 'til tomorrow - nice recording, clean crisp sounds ...
top work my friend !!!!!!!!!!!" - Stirling, Melbourne, VIC, AU.

"Great universe is here, I love your music!" - Ryo Utasato, TOKIO, JP.

"Lite Bloomer stood out for me Rich ~
excellent music!" - Andrew Austin, Essex, UK.

"'DogBone'! Totally whacked & that's a
good thing... love it!" - Postmodern Troll, Denver, CO

"This music is a great experience and something new
with every tune... all of it a must have." - Delaney Simpson, San Francisco, CA.

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Son of Frankenstein LP (1981)
Absolutely Free! Click below for download page!
Classic Kim Fowley - 10 Absolutely Free MP3s!
Kim Fowley Jr: Son of Frankenstein LP
A genuine Instant Classic
Originally released by Moxie Records in 1981
Produced by Rich La Bonté and Kim Fowley
Utterly Free Curios ~ The Oldies!
Absolutely Free to Listen & Download on Bandcamp!
Click above to Listen Absolutely Free!
To Download go to the Bandcamp Utterly Free Curios album page
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~ BONUS TRACKS included with Full LP Download ~
A. Drums Along The Maple Wood
B. Chance Circumstance
From the A/B Moxie single vinyl release in 1980
on the fLAtDiSk Moxie label
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