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fLAtDiSk SoftWorks has given away free music files on the web since the early 1990s. Absolutely Free Music! offers only free MP3s and they're legal. Collect 'em all! No sign-ins, pop-ups, spam, email scams, memberships, bids, credit cards, or bad links! Just lots of weird music you can download for free!

OrsOnRaDio is the newest fLAtDiSk website. It features a fine collection of radio performances by Mr. Orson Welles for your listening and downloading pleasure - absolutely free, of course. We were looking for something other than The War of the Worlds (which we decided to skip - you can find it so easily elsewhere) and discovered that there really was no comprehensive chronological collection of Welles shows on the web. So that's what you'll find represented here, from "experimental" radio dramas of the mid 1930's through the polished works of radio's golden age. The most audible shows from Mr. Welles' stints with Campbell Playhouse, Cavalcade of America, Ceiling Unlimited, Columbia Workshop, Lux Radio Theater, Mercury Summer Theater, Mercury Theater on the Air, Orson Welles Radio Almanac (later aka Wonder Show), Silver Theater, Suspense, The Bob Hope Pepsodent Show, The Charlie McCarthy Show, The Fred Allen Show, The Jack Benny Program, The Lives of Harry Lime, The Orson Welles Show, (aka Lady Esther), The Shadow, This Is My Best and others. Prepared to be amazed at Orson's co-stars, from Laurence Olivier and Helen Hayes to Rita Hayworth and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. It's a blast from the past!

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There is a lot more to the fLAtDiSk NeTWoRk than all this serious stuff, of course. Drop by and have some fun!

Rich La Bonté (aka FLAtRich)
Rich La Bonté (1946) is an American musician, writer and editor, born near Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in Montclair, New Jersey. Rich was lead singer of the Ithaca New York band the huns (1965-66), played bass and sang in the original NY and LA casts of the musical Godspell and the original NY cast LP and movie soundtrack LP.

In the late 1960s, he worked for NYC documentary and industrial filmmaker Ted Steeg, beginning as a production assistant and eventually as a sound editor and film editor. During that time he met director Mark Rappaport and appeared as an actor in two of Rappaport's films, Casual Relations (1973) and the title role in his award-winning feature Mozart in Love (1975).

In the early 1970s, La Bonté also played bass and sang in the original cast productions of the musical Godspell in New York (Cherry Lane and Promenade Theaters) and Los Angeles (Mark Taper Forum and Ivar Theaters.) He appears as a player and performer on the Grammy Award-winning, Platinum-selling Godspell Original Cast Album and the Godspell Motion Picture Soundtrack Album. He was involved with the recent crowd-funded Broadway revival of Godspell (2012).

Rich produced and co-wrote the seminal electronic Mayan Canals LP and Kim Fowley's Kim Fowley Jr.: Son of Frankenstein LP in the early 1980s.

In late 20th Century Los Angeles, Rich created fLAtDiSk SoftWorks (1977) as a freeware company. At that time fLAtDiSk was the home of fLAtDiSk Fanzine (a Xeroxed music rag from 1976-1983) and fLAtDiSk Records (1970 - 1981, a vinyl subsidiary of Dave Gibson's Moxie Record Company.) fLAtDiSk Records had several obscure 20th Century releases, the most notable being the Kim Fowley Jr.: Son of Frankenstein LP (1981), which La Bonté co-wrote and co-produced with legendary record producer Kim Fowley for Moxie. The record spawned the frequently rediscovered college radio hit Invasion of the Polaroid People and was re-released in Europe by Lolita Records on vinyl and later on the 1995 Marilyn Records CD as Kim Fowley’s Bad News from the Underworld.

La Bonté released the classic R. Stevie Moore red vinyl single New Wave in 1979 for Moore on a Moxie offshoot (CMI Records with La Bonté's then-partner Shari Famous.) Decades later, Rich contributed musically to R. Stevie Moore & Company's 2009 CD Coo Coo Rockin' Time, which is also part of a 4-CD David Fair (Half-Japanese) Coo Coo Rockin' Time box set from Thick Syrup Records featuring 5 other bands and the original 1990 David Fair CD.

Rich has five published  novels: Susan and The Wolf, Useful Humans, Simple Deities, The Greater Future, Many Teeth and the short story collection Yellowflower. Paperback editions are currently out of print, but Kindle Editions of Simple Deities and Many Teeth are available from Amazon. Click Here to check out or download Absolutely Free PDF eBook editions of Susan and The Wolf, Useful Humans and several short stories.

Working for a computer systems integrator in Los Angeles from 1985-2001, La Bonté experimented with virtual reality for the PC, creating fLAtDiSk VR Dreams in the early 90s - a series of virtual reality worlds for IBM PC compatibles. All of the fLAtDiSk VR Dreams were later published in Virtual Reality Madness and More!, a Book/CD software package from SAMS Publishing.

Rich's 2010 CD, "This Is Rock and Roll", featured material with an accent on vocals. His 2011 CD, "Closet Frequencies and other electronic stuff that sounds good to me", is a collection of 22 electronic instrumental pieces. His 2012 CD, "If You Didn't Like The Last One You Won't Like This One Either", is, according to listeners on ReverbNation, "Weird stuff all over the map. Sometimes Beatles on LSD, sometimes powerpop" and "...a great experience and something new with every tune... all of it a must have." His 2014 CD, "Tin Dreams and Broken Hearts Vol. 2", contains 18 recent selections ranging from orchestrated electronics to vocal tracks. Scruffy the Flea said: "DEFINITELY music for the LIVING! Bright, thoughtful, full of pulsing and life and butterscotch. Wonderful!" Rich released "Way Out" on CD through Amazon in 2016. All of the FLAtRich CDs released on Amazon are now out of print (June 2021) but most are available on Bandcamp.

Josh Cheon's Dark Entries Records remastered and rereleased Mayan Canals in 2017.

Jargon Records remastered and released studio and live takes of the huns on CD in 2017.

Rich released his Dune Crossing REDUX album on Bandcamp in 2018 and Moondust & Particulates in 2019.

His "Utterly Free Curios from the fLAtDiSk Catalogue" LP was also released on Bandcamp in January 2021. Utterly Free Curios features 21 electronic and electroacoustic pieces recorded over the last 50 years and is Absolutely Free to listen to and Absolutely Free to download in the various high quality formats offered by Bandcamp. 2 extra bonus tracks are included with full LP download: Drums Along The Maple Wood and Chance Circumstance. Both from the A/B single vinyl release in 1980 on the fLAtDiSk Moxie label. BTW, Bandcamp membership is not required to listen to, or download, music from Bandcamp. More info and reviews are available at www.flatrich.com

Rich continues to compose and release free music to the web via Bandcamp, ReverbNation, Facebook, YouTube, etc. He currently offers many original tracks available as free MP3 downloads on his Absolutely Free Music site.

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